Bergen Trapezius Pain

Hi, I have just started carrying a Bergen ( during my CMSR ) and noticed I get quite a nasty muscle pain in the muscle I think is the Trapezius.

I dont have very much upper body as i prefer to run when i train.

Does everyone experience pain in that muscle or is it due to lack of strength? Do i need to concentrate on the Trapezius or are there other muscles that need to be worked on to take the load of it? ( or do i just need to man up !? )

I would imagine this is a pretty common thing, there is not a specific muscle you can train, but if you trained your core muscles then after a while the pain should get easier.

If you're unsure of the core muscles, it's mainly the abdomen and back.
Do you have the correct size bergen for your back?
Ranger the F@ck up . It hurts get on with it get down the gay church and work on your core strength.
Joe, a correct-size pack with a properly adjusted waist belt transfers most of the pack's load to the pelvis. That's why most civvy packs have a belt; but militarily, the problem lies in integrating webbing/armour with the pack.
Hi, thanks for the responses. I will work on my core strength.

I didnt even know they come in different sizes I was just issued it. I am 5'11'' not sure what the correct size bergen would be. Its falling to bits as it is so I might ask for a new one. I did have webbing on underneath so this may have been causing the discomfort. I am going out for a session tomorrow might with it and no webbing so we shall see.

I have to do some distance with it on soon, wont have to having webbing on though apart from a belt and a couple of pouches.


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