Bergen packing

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by 1ManRiot, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. I know I know, this must come up every five minutes but I've spent more than an hour searching google, ACF forums and ARRSE with no joy at all.

    Any simplified drawings or lists for infantry bergen packing for temperate climate?

    Many thanks
  2. Surely being a "Royal Marines Commando" you should have no problems bergan packing.

    Maybe you could kill a rabbit and cry in some mud whilst you were at it
  3. Ensure your roll mat(s) are rolled correctly to ensure they fit onto your ams for gay naked roll mat fighting!
  4. a few bricks in it.

    thats a top tip.
  5. Useful forum this. Your clichéd jokes are wasted on me I'm afraid, perhaps you can tell them aloud in front of your mirror whilst doing your war-face? Now I know that will get you at least a semi.

    I didn't state "why I needed it".

    Anyone any references?

  6. This is my suggestion to you:

    Pack a daysack (patrol pack) with your essentials ie. Warm kit, G Tex jacket, rations, cooker, extra water spare socks etc.

    Pack this under the lid of your bergen!

    The main body of your bergen pack your bulky non esential items ie. Sleeping bag, spare clothing Spare rations.

    Side pouches should have things you may need qick access to such as CBRN Kit, Poncho etc.

    In a contact you may need to ditch your bergen, if this is the case, you can quicly detatch your daysack from under the lid and away you go.... able to sustain yourself in the field effectively for 24 hrs plus.

    Just an idea mate! 8O