Bergen organisers - any ideas?

Hi there,

I am looking for a kit recommendation and wonder if any of you guys can help. I need a pouch to act as a personal organiser for travelling and work.

It should be no larger than, say, a copy of FHM, but thick enough to take a reasonable amount of paper work and maps, perhaps with some compartments for pens and smaller documents.

It should be robust enough to prevent things from getting crushed or mangled in a bergen and perhaps water-restistant too. It should have a secure fastener to stop stuff coming out.

I have tried a air marker panel bag, but found it to be too floppy and without a secure fastening.

Does the kit I am looking for exist somewhere, or is it just a product of my imagination?

Blackhorse does a junior commander type folder but it aint cheap
document case in a waterproof bag sounds best option .

Mr Happy

Hmmm, I just gave away what you want.

An A4 leather presentation folder with zip on 3 sidse.

If you can't get one, try getting a THIN laptop bag.

Lap tops come very small these days and can be perfect document holders.
I just use a couple of Nirex folders for my docs and maps. I think the 40 sleeve A4 one costs about £8.00
Pillager said:
there is a laptop bag called "the gimp" in neoprene that comes with dividers and might suit your needs
Yeah, try googling that. I bet the one you want is 150,000,000 of the results. :lol:

I used a 51mm mortar bomb bag with the pockety bits cut out to make one big compartment. Not waterproof, though, but a plakky bag inside took care of that side.

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