bergen liners

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Soldier_5, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. the canoe bags are great, i have one for my civvy bergen, which is tall and thin. i have a short-back issued but i am yet to find a liner that is wide enough?
    any ideas where i can find one.

  2. (site sponsor) have fairly wide ones.... not sure if its wide enough though...

  3. cheers guys.
  4. cheers guys.
  5. on another note. does anyone know the best way of dyeing a sleeping bag black/green. i have a mountain equipment firewalker III, in black and orange... not very tactical, but very warm!
  6. stick it in a bivvy bag dying it will wreck it .
  7. already in one, but thats what i thought! just wondered...
  8. Leave it Orange it will blend in well when you deploy to Mar's you feckin space cadet!!!
  9. you cheeky barsteward!

    sorry... "Mar's"!
  10. Correct and you are a useless dribbling civvy space cadet cnut that looks forward to weeknight and weekend wankfests in DPM?
  11. considering that you have never met me, i dont think you are qualified to make rash judgements.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Considering you are a civvy twat they are not rash judgements, besides I know Harry_Webster is qualified to do a fcuk sight more than you ever will.
  13. Why on earth have 'one' bergan liner anyway? Why not do what we were made to do in the old days with our SOP 7, SOP 150, SOP whatever kit? Individualy plastic wrap everything in your kit in clear plastic (so you couldn't bluff an inspection), making sure it is labled so you know what kit is what. We then had to store this 24/7 ready for the big day (or the next inspection) and were forced to illegally proff or purchase extra kit in order to have enough to work in, go on exercise in and look good on guard with.

    It all made perfect sense at the time, to someone at least 8O