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Good day all,

Apologies for a seemingly bone question in advance.I have failed miserably at finding answers through the search function.
I am halfway through basic and had my first bugout a few weeks ago.The problem i faced was that i was constantly 'hiking' my bergen higher up my shoulders as it was sitting on my webbing and destroying my balance.Having asked the training staff how to adjust it so that it rides higher up i just get a shrug and a 'play with the straps' type answer or 'i prefer mine lower down' if anyone can give me some insight into how i can adjust it so sit up my shoulders or point me onto the right thread i would be extremely grateful.


Have you tried playing with the straps? Normally the 2 that go over your shoulders will adjust the height. Though don't pull them too tight.
Thanks for the reply;I have tried, at the moment its a toss up between the bergen sitting higher and still being able to get my arms through the it just a case of 'make do and get on with it?' Or is there some technique? If the former then job jobbed.
Which one have you got? If you're talking about the infantry bergen there are two types - tall & thin and short & fat (both are the same internal volume).

Not sure how easy it would be to get a swap done if yours is the wrong size for you though!


A quick question.......are you a dwarf? If so, it doesn't matter which bergan you use.
The Bergen has a standard length body wise , so if you have a trunk smaller than the average person your going to have to use the straps im afraid to adjust to fit, can you lower the straps on your webbing to minimise it slightly . When i went through training it was 58 , it strapped and clipped together, large pack webbing all in one big stupid pain in the arrse unit as in marching order . Just bear with it buddy once your out of training you can customise your kit to your hearts content so crack on for now as best you can .
Have you tried being taller? That would probably help.

You could try getting a short back bergan from your DS but I don't fancy your chances.

I reckon your best bet is to get your webbing as low as is comfortable then adjusting your bergan straps. Using the bergan's waist belt may also help although I don't use it myself.
Short back bergan all the way and just adjust the top and bottom straps to suit, then tape them up.

Its the same capacity as a long back bergan (around 100L i believe) but obviously shorter and wider, therefore will sit higher on your back. Its a huge difference when tabbing whilst wearing webbing and a bergan.

Edited to add at 6 ft tall I wouldnt have thought a long back would be that problematic. Are you wearing your webbing too high? Take the weight on the belt, not the shoulder straps!
In that case i must have the longback version.As most have said I dont fancy my chances with the sqm, but is that the preferable length?

edited to add...yeah my webbing is almost to the limit of the front straps and i keep the belt tight.Back straps are adjusted so the belt kit stays straight as taught...maybe its just a case of getting used to it, or is what i am describing a common problem?
Thanks guys and if only we were allowed to buy our own kit...
You are/will be, but thats not going to solve this issue and theres nothing wrong with the issue bergan.

Thinking about it some more, im convinced your webbing is sitting too high on your body and thats contributing to the problem. When you put your webbing on, where doesn the belt sit? - is it low on your hips or sitting up closer to your belly button?

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