Bergen for shorties?

Hi there, I'm new to these forums and know that you guys would of probably had to answer these sort of questions to many noobs but still any help would be greatly appreciated.
Basically I am a tad on the shorter side of the gene pool (5ft 6 :( don't laugh) and would like advise on a bergen that will be okay for my frame, It will be used for military use as I plan to join the TA soon and I have heard standard bergens suck (bad back support etc) I do plan to use the bergen quite often to train in too so can anyone help me out on a good bergen? I was thinking about the Karrimor saber 75.
If you join the TA, the grateful goverment will lend you a bergen of your very own.

For civvy use - I suggest that you go to a rucksack shop and try a few on.
Is the issued bergen fine to use mind you? Most people seem to say that it is crap and almost preach how good the berghuas vulcan is however i think its a bit too expensive and pointless to have a extremely expensive pack if i only plan to do part time but i do worry about things like back problems.

I have a vulcan and it it very good, however I never had a problem with the issue pack other then it being a small handbag and dpm not being my style for civvy use.
The main difference is when you have a heavy load this is where the vulcan is worth the money, but this could be because the fit is better than my issue bergen.
I am the opposite to you being 6'4 but i was able to get a couple of sizes to try out, in the end i went for a size 4 i think it was.
If you do a lot of walking with weight and have the cash to splash the vulcan is great. but i would see how you go with the issue pack first, if you get a infantry pack you may not need any other.

I though the sabre was more expensive than the vulcan IIRC but i could be wrong.

The thing to remember is if on ex or ops you may have to use the issue one and if your not used to it, it may cause you problems. I found doing back exersices fixed and pain i got from the issue bag.

i hope that helps a bit

Thank you all very much, have all been most helpful :) I shall go with the advice and see how the PLCE infantry bergen is, I do plan to do a lot of training outside of the TA with the bergen to maintain fitness and generally improve myself and i think the saber is near enough around the same price perhaps slightly cheaper depends really, most likely have to shop around. Thanks again for all of your help :)
Another thing, the issue bergen is designed to be worn on top of your webbing, so doesn't have a proper padded hip belt. This makes it good for wearing it with webbing, but not so good if you plan to wear it by itself.

What most of the people I know do is wear the issue bergen when wearing webbing, and a civvy bergen when not.

Hope this helps,
Considering the abuse your bergan gets put through good thing buying one is no longer a must .Dont know anyone who uses a non issuse bergan and I know some real kit monsters .Save your money.


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Tufar1 said:
Is the issued bergen fine to use mind you? Most people seem to say that it is crap and almost preach how good the berghuas vulcan...
The issue bergan is more than good enough for military use and I recommend that you try it (a lot) before spending large amounts of money on something that may well not be suitable.

I freely admit that I have switched to an external-frame bergan, not because of any back injuries, but because after eleven years off using the issue internal-frame one I was bored of having a soaking back after every tab. This is a problem with all internal-frame bergans, not just the issue one.

I would be interested in discovering who 'most people' are and how much experience they have of using the issue bergan. In my experience, no-one even mentions the Vulcan.

Also, are they talking about the current issue (aka 'the infantry') bergan or the old CSS bergan (aka 'the handbag')?

I agree; the issue is bloody good for what it is, but it leaves you a sweat-soaked mess. The external frame works and makes me (at least in my mind!) go faster.


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Fallschirmmongsturm said:

I agree; the issue is bloody good for what it is, but it leaves you a sweat-soaked mess. The external frame works and makes me (at least in my mind!) go faster.
Yes! It's not just me!
Rucksack and Frame Inf, shortback 8465-99-132-1569. I dont know how many if any of these are in the system, mines a few years old. If its a bad number you can check for a new one with a SCOC disc.

I'd let you have mine as it just sits on top of a locker but i'm a git.
Oompa loompa's? ahhhh was waiting for that i was about to comment how good everyone has been as in forums there is usually 1 smart arrse who makes a silly comment and there wasn't, but he has presented himself now, nice one take a bow :). Everyone else though thanks, been good help.

On another note to answer other questions, yes I was on about the infantry bergen, and most people being my friend's brother in the regular army, girlfriend's brother in the paras (although he uses the vulcan for civvie use only) and other forum users i have talked to (which is been a fair few but maybe not enough to class as most people maybe?) but your right by the sounds of it maybe half of them do not have proper military experience and just going off reviews or something. Although i doubt thats the case for the para guy, on another note my friend's bro in the regular army has also complained about this drenched back thing :)..
Well what did you expect Hightower? You post on here telling everyone your feet dont touch the floor when your having a dump.

Word of advice get used to it and dont bite.
Fair enough.. Didn't realise couldn't just look for advice, I shall stop now before this heads the way of most forums, please excuse if i have offended anyone or seemed ignorant.
mate if you can't take short jokes your really in the wrong place. I admire what your trying to do.

I really wish I was in your place, but general banter is part of the army workforce and you should get ready to be called stuff for being short. But if you take it on the chin like most people waist height. You can insult all of those around you.

Just look for a ginger theyre easy targets! :D
Btw there is nothing wrong with being short...

I know a guy who is smaller than you and passed selection for "them" he is known amongst friends as super midget though I doubt he tells the rest of 23 that :D
Yeah you are right sorry mate I guess I took it a little badly I didn't know it was joking about, little hard to tell from a computer screen but yeah should of taken it better after all will have to get used to a superior shouting in my face if I plan to do anything military. Bring on the insults :) and for the record though although I wasn't sure how to take the Oompa loompa thing, it did make me laugh :).
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