Bergen buckle repair

Not Signals related, but i'm ex-sigs with no idea where to post it. Anybody have an idea where i can get a buckle repaired on a PLCE bergen i have? Buckle has shattered so it needs a new one fitting.
Head down to your local shoe repairers once you have a replacement buckle. Some of them have a heavy duty sewing machine that could do the job or if you are in a rural location there might be a saddlers that could do it.
I have found Cotswold Camping quite helpful for repairs - never tried with a broken buckle, but if you're near a shop it's worth a punt - they are likely to send it away though.
Dragon Supplies in Colchester, do repairs if you are local you can post it to them if its worth the cost of P&P.


Thanks for the replies guys, was in HM Supplies Camberley and they do repairs, excellent service and can do very quick turnaround if needed.
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