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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by montfish, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a bootneck (save your banter for other threads and i'll gladly bite), doing some bergan work for 'them' however when carrying 60lbs+ i notice my right hand goes mega numb v quickly. it doesnt hurt or owt but as soon as i drop the bergan off me shoulders my hand returns to normal. i've always had this, but usually been too distracted by other things to bother with it, and as im training on my own it is a bit off putting.

    anybody else get this?

    any tips to help?
  2. I could give you a tip but on seeing your signature block you can suffer!!
  3. hahaha considering the amount of shit that we get on this site (don't get sidetracked montfish!) i think it should hardly matter

    go on don't be a gayer
  4. Not helping matters are we?!
  5. Yes, stop being such a mincer.
  6. Oh ok then, I had a similar problem many a moon ago and the Doc just put it down to the weight resting on a nerve, bit akin to pins and needles in your foot when you're sat funny. The only way I could stop it was to jiggle my bergan about a bit but then considering a yomp is 3/4 of a tab at half the speed you should be ok!
  7. Mess about with tightening/loosening your shoulder straps. As JD says it probably is pressure on a nerve. I get it too from time to time.
  8. Did you find that by googling "gay sex tips". :)
    You are suffering with Rucksack-Induced Plexopathy Mimicking a Lateral Antebrachial Cutaneous Neuropathy.
    You'll live.
    As JD et al, say, just try jiggling it about a bit from time to time. And before you ask, thats not a gay sex tip. (Like you need any, you big bear you)
  9. well you know what us bootnecks are like, mmmmmm lots of naked young men wrrestling with big phallus-like roll mats on their arms!!!
  10. Seconded

    God might have failed the womando course, but the 2 chics didnt :twisted:
  11. God might have failed the womando course, but the 2 chics didnt

    :yawnstretch: BORING!
  12. Why didn't you ask for advice on rumration?
  13. Make the most of it and have a wnak - feels like someone else giving you a hand job :twisted: :twisted:
  14. cos it's mainly sailors on there, no offence to them!