Bergan top zip replacement

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polar69, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. I need to replace the top zip on my infantry bergan

    Now if I was a reg it would go back in the stores for exchange but as a stab and a siggy stab to boot we dont get issued inf bergans we get handbags

    Does anyone know of anywhere where I could get it fixed ?
  2. u need to replace the whole zip or re attach it to the bergan? try a decent cobblers or a saddler they have strong enough kit to sort it. if not knick some one elses.
  3. Good guys, good work.

    Alternatively you find someone in your grid square who has been issued one and do a swapsy.
  4. JayJay's in Brecon will do it, sorry dont have their number
  5. Any Garrison - eg Catterick/Aldershot (HM Supplies), JayJays in Brecon, etc. What part of the country you at p69 ?

    Outside Garrison ... ???
  6. Troopers in Colchester.....

    BUT..... we are Sigs (well, I'am still Just) and we are now issued Inf. Bergens!!!!!!

    Speak to your Q nicely?


    Am I the only person that thinks this zip would have been better on the long side? When you have a few things in the pocket it can be a pain to get into it?

    All the best..

  7. I'm in Hull

    We have just been issued inf bergans as well, I bought this one a while ago and want to ebay it as I'm getting an issue one.

    don't really think it would do too well with a knakerd zip
  8. Ebay; so that'll be "as used by the SAS"

    Holy unfeasibly close shaves Batman, you mean it saw action? With the SAS? You'll need a wheelbarrow for the cash ;^)

  9. Point to think about.....

    in grade 1, these there only really worth £30 now...... (ebay)

    They do sell for more in surplus?

    Good luck
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Wait until you're issued a new one, then hand in the knackered one for exchange.
  11. If you can't pass it off as your issued bergen you might just tell your Q/RQMS the score and see if they can get it fixed for you? I did with mine, had some broken clips on it and they sorted it for me.
  12. Most camping / milsurp shop sell Fastex or Nationial mouldings Q/R buckles. Carefully cut away the stitching holding the nylon straps, replace female buckle, and Loctite superglue it back (use the real liquidy stuff,) then, most importantly, peg it or clamp and leave for 12 hours. Good as new, never had a strap break