bergan sores

bustagonad said:
does anyone have any way's to stop getting bergan sores ,other than not tabbing with a bergan .
Depends where you are getting them and what bergan you have/how you wear it.

Running with a Berghaus Crusader is rather different to running with the issue item on top of your webbing.

In my day we never had body armour which must be an additional complication. Having said that it must be preferable to using the old GS Bergan - let alone the "man pack frame" with a MILAN on it!

What are you using and where is the problem?
On P Coy I used the soft white medic tape on my shoulders and back. Seemed to do the trick although I'd rather suffer with the sores than the pain of removing the tape.
bustagonad said:
thanks for the reply . they are mainly just on the shoulder blades and its using the issue bergans
OK so how are you wearing the issue bergan?

Over webbing? Over webbing and CBA/ECBA?

Are you running?

Do you fasten the waist belt? What sort of weight are you carrying - in the bergan/in the webbing?

What clothing are you wearing? (V. important)

It all makes a big difference!

What were you doing the last time you got the "Bergan burns"? (As we used to call them!)
well its info for my sprog, and he's doing cic para, and there starting to up the distance and loads and he's developed 2small sores on his shoulder blades ,nothing major just wanted some tips to stop them getting worse really
I find the combination of sweat, friction and the synthetic issue t-shirt material makes for a really uncomfortable tab. I get a really itchy sore area on my lower back. Never do anything about it though, just a case of getting on with it.
cheers some good ideas . the screws tell them to just get on with it ,but its best to prevent minor things before they become major.
bustagonad said:
cheers some good ideas . the screws tell them to just get on with it ,but its best to prevent minor things before they become major.

Why "get on with it" when there are plenty of easy solutions to make life that bit easier and focus on the task in hand.

For all those who say "get on with it", what happens if he's on ops and it gets infected and he goes down? You have a 7 man section and a wounded oppo.

Use your heads.


I know some people who have used Always Ultra or somthing similar on their shoulders, don't know how well it works though
Try potassium permanganate,you can buy it from a chemist very cheap,mix a small amount with water and wipe the sore's with it also very good for feet,toughens and cleans,very under rated stuff but be careful as it turns skin brown
Fcuk it just zinc oxide tape straight over the top of them! Always gave me a strange pleasure peeling it off in the shower on a friday, gave me some ally 'man' scars on my lower back too :D
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