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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gorilla, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. Just been on the phone to Troopers discussing various mods; the caeserian mod caught my ear. Has anyone had this mod done and how well did it turn out? Is it a worthwhile modification and does it work well in the field?
  2. My wife had the ceaserian mod done. Seemed to work, just meant you couldn't fill the main compartment fo r another year.
  3. Unless your pregnant I wouldn't reccomend it!

    But seriously, the old one they did used a Zipper to access the second lower compartment of the Bergen - I wouldn't like to be the man carrying that Bergen when the zipper broke and all your kits falling out all over the training area or worse - Helmand! Don't know if they still do it this way.

    The only Bergen mod worth getting I feel is three utilities to replace the entrenching tool/whatever you want pouch on the front, and even then you're likely to just carry more sh!t than you need.
  4. If you need something quickly, perhaps it shouldn't be at the bottom of your bergen. Whiskey makes a good point that once the zip breaks the bergen is U/S.
  5. Plus - is the cost of getting this fancy mod done worth it?

    It really isn't too difficult to go through the main compartment of your Bergen as very little should be In it.

    Dry bag
    Doss bag in bivvi bag
    POSSIBLY your dry kit if you can't get it in your side pouches

    The rest of the space is to chuck extra link/bombs/trauma kit/comms on top and your daysack under the lid (which if your bergen is going to be Cached and then brought forward will have most of the latter in anyway).

    Not worth it in my oppinion mate! (And I'm Infantry so I must be right)

  6. apart from anything on a CFT or a long tab, once boredom kicks in it's just going to be too much of a practical joke target for everybody else.
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I think you may be getting your shops mixed here Whiskey, the only way Troopers have done the 'caesarian mod' is with a strong spindrift covered by a three pouch set on a flap of texturised nylon, ("Cordura.")

    Some years ago I tried the Berghaus Vulcan which has a zipped access around the base of the bergan and a drawstring divider, but it was a bastard to get kit in & out when carrying decent weight, and as you say I wouldn't want to have the zip transform into an automatic load lightening device. :)
    I know Karrimor also had a model with a zipped lower entrance but I've no experience with it.
  8. I used a Karrimor 80L (in green ) for years in both military & civvy work & have never had a problem at all with the bottom access zip on the Bergen.
  9. I stand corrected!

    Still don't reckon it's worth doing unless you're pregnant though.
  10. Cuts, any chance of adding photos of this mod to the Troopers thread?
  11. I had the OG Berghaus Vulcan with the zippy bottom compartment. Never had an issue for years. Despite the fact that I had a DPM cover on it, I was constantly being moaned at about it. Traded it in for the issue one but still think it's a worthwhile mod as it's one less hassle when it's gonktime.
  12. Personnally I go for a dry bag at the bottom with anything not needed rapido, ie dry kit. Doss bag goes in the middle in its bivi. Stuff i need access to fast goes on top.

    Same for the side pouch etc, stuff I need fast goes on top, stuff I don't need so swiftly goes to the bottom.

    REStitch made mine up. It has lots of innovative addons....

    two utility pouches on the front. zip pouch above. little pouch right on top for stuff like batteries etc.
    camelbak pouch behind one of the side pouches and a mesh pocket in the lid... for water proofs and gaitors.
  13. I did go a little wild on that bergan with ideas :D Is the bergan still going strong CF?
  14. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I think the best bergan mod is the one with three pouches in place of the entrenching tool pouch. I spread my rations amongst them, using the rocket pouches on the side for technical / combat kit odds'n'sods.
  15. It is indeed Stitch. TBH, I have seen other lads that have bergans that are even "wilder"!!

    The lid pocket (which I use for waterproofs and gaiters) is handy, as is the little top pocket (used for torches, spare batteries, orders kit). I 'd certainly recommend them for further use.