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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Svinski, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. recommendations for new bergan? seen the karrimor sabre but looks like it has huge hip belt so wouldnt sit on top of webbing
  2. I'd wait. With the switch to MTP a new bergan may be along soon. Or not. Cos were skint.
  3. I'm a big fan of my Berghaus Cyclops. Picked up one with the zips for a third rocket pouch off ebay (probably came from RV-OPs) and swear by it for my own use. Damn near bombproof, just like the Munroe. Comes in different back lengths, so if you bought one of the short-arse ones it might sit over webbing.

    Still wouldn't take it over my issue bergan though. Given the abuse that takes, why use something that won't be replaced for free when it gets trashed? Why do you want a new bergan anyway? Not being snippy, but if you tell us what you want it for/why you want one then maybe we can give better advice.

    Yer man from RV-OPs did some videos on the main 3rd-party bergan makes (including the sabre), well worth a look.
  4. Are you a cadet ? if you are then an all arms bergan will do you get one off ebay cheap. If your arfter a day sack then have a look at highlander bags. I'm gonna get some stick for saying that but if you are a cadet then you don't need to be buy all the high-seed low-drag stuff, save you money for women and beer.
  5. I got my bergan for £15 from my local surplus shop when I was a cadet- still going strong- if you are a cadet, then you really don't need all this fancy kit- the bulkiest thing you need to carry is your dossbag.
  6. My bergan was £5 from local surplus, Infantry type, all buckles brand new, small hole in front utility pouch. The side pouches were the more expensive bits. I have use it on a non military expedition and encountered no problems. Stick to issue. Unless you want it for something particular?

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