bergan 4 training

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by foshy, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. just wana find out what would be suitable 4 joining infantry and wana try and get a bit of a head start...i wana get a bergan but duno what 1 to get as in size long/short and wana know kinda weight i should be trying out...and has any 1 started doing this b4 and did it help you...cheers!!!
  2. PLCE bergan probably the best. That is what you will use in the Army. I have a spare one that I purly use for traiing with.

    If you want one you can also use for camping etc, I ´d suggest a Berghaus Roc or Vulcan. Go to a good camping-expedition shop, and they´ll meaure you for it too.
  3. Don't worry, they'll give you one when you get to basic.

    In the meantime, if you want to hit the hills, any bag will do - although I'd recommend that you get one that fits.
    As to weight, start light and work up from there. It's winter, so I'd suggest that you take warm/safety kit to start with.
  4. nice 1 m8!
  5. Long and fast not heavy.

    ie. Lightweight, long distance and as fast as you can.

    Ask your careers office or a mate who is in for help, otherwise you might do yourself some mischief.
  6. Do 10-15kg to start with, try not to run with it but concentrate on walking as fast as you can because that's the hardest thing to get used to, if you do run keep your feet close to the floor and shuffle, make sure you pack it with the weight distributed evenly and try not to use "dead weights".

    Keep the bergan sitting as high as possible on your back with the straps tight and take on plenty of water even in winter, till you p1ss clear.

    Keep some warm kit and some wet kit in the bergan and keep it waterproofed, if you injure yourself miles away from anywhere you risk coming down with hypothermia when your body starts to cool down.

    Good idea to take some munchies and some money too, just incase.

    If it were me I wouldn't bother buying a bergan as the issued one is very good, but you could get a gucci daysack that you can still use once your in.

    To give you an idea, full infantry weight is 25kg, over 8 miles in 2 hours, if you run it's easy to do it in 1:30-40 ish , but it's more difficult doing it as a squad over 2 hours for some reason, I'm no PTI but I think it's because of the different muscles used when you walk quickly (tab) as opposed to running.
  7. yea thats what iv just started 2 use its a highlander bag with a few straps on it to have it tight...20quid from a army shop just round the corner from where i using 10kg in it at the mo...and i have spred the wait around it to...iv been wallking wiv it up the common,and been hitting the hills with it...but after about 45 min/1hour...i started to do a light jog..i felt comfortable with it 2....also jogged up the steep hills...just want to get a bit of a head start 4 the real thing...i dne wana be lakking at the bk and im not expecting to be at the front of the pack but just wana be sum where in the middle u no or up there wiv the top lot lol...cheers 4 ur answer m8 much appreicated.
  8. English training might be more beneficial for you..
  9. Two Lidl carrier bags, filled with bricks and masking-taped to your shoulders will suffice for now. You want to be achieving a minimum distance of 25 miles during each session.

    Hope this was of no help to you.
  10. Just to add some further worry to yer query - In my Infantry Bn we had an OC called 'Frank the Tank' who made the company do a CFT every thursday with full CEMO and support weapons i.e milan and SF !! Having a correct fitting and well packed bergan makes all the differance lol - have fun ! :twisted:
  11. These days you should be using the hessian reusable bag for life.
  12. I use a Para / SAS (no walt intended) bergan since Im a short arrse and some of the longer bergans, even the adjustable ones are a little big for me. Not as flash as some of the new Gucci kit though, not the best comfort wise but it does the job nicely. I wouldnt suggest buying one though as they are expensive and a bit of a collectors item. I used to use a plain old Berghaus day pack, cant remember what it was called, it wasnt huge but was big enough to load with kit for a decent tab. You can pick them up for £20 on eBay and it will have some use when your in. Some good advice in this post about building yourself up for tabbing, one more piece - always let someone know where your going.
  13. Not sure when you're joining the infantry but my advice to you is to do all your running without a pack. If you present for basic training as a physically robust and healthy individual who is fit and has stamina then you are just what they want. They don't want to see a knackered lad with ankle/knee/hip rotational injuries or a knackered lumbar spine and fcuked kidneys because he has way overdone it with an overweight and badly fitting Bergen.
    If you just concentrate on building up your stamina and endurance with an all over basic fitness programme this will do you far better stead than trying to metaphorically walk before you can run. The physical training staff during basic will show you how to correctly fit a Bergen and how to run with one. That is there job, they are exceptionally proficient at it and they will ensure that you are able to progress through you basic as quickly as possible. Listening to the PT staff and doing what they tell you to, in the way that they tell you will give you a far better ability and you will very quickly outstrip those who have been running with a Bergen and either got into bad habits or have reduced their ability through injury.
  14. Yeah 'cos it really helps in the infantry. :roll:
  15. Communication skills are overated in combat regiments then?