Beretta Silver Pigeon

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by JimmyNeutron, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. Hey up chaps!

    Can anyone shed some light on the differences between the Beretta Silver Pigeon IV and V?

    I have done a few searches and apart from the cosmetic blued metalwork on the V rather than black on the IV are there any differences, mechanically or otherwise, in the V that makes it a superior piece to the IV?

  2. It all comes down to the number of craftsmen hours in the gun...
  3. Ah! So its the "personal touches" that increases its value and prestige.....that makes sense.

    Cheers mukka.
  4. All the Silver Pigeons are the same gun mechanically - the higher you go, the more attractive a grade of timber you get for the stock and forend, not sure about the II, the III is shiny with some hand engraving, the IV is black, and the V is colour-hardened, with the best grade of walnut and all hand engraving, and a silver lozenge in the stock to have your initials engraved on.

    But it's no more accurate than any other gun - if you can't hit with a Baikal, you won't hit with a Purdey.
  5. Cheers BambiBasher.

    I've mostly been shooting a club Silver Pigeon III and liked it very much hence looking at the Silver Pigeon range. I think the V is the way forward then from a "look at me look at me" point of view and the fact I can shoot the bloody thing!

  6. I've got one and it's a lovely looking thing, 40th present from the missus. I bought a battered old AYA to use for rough shooting and bramble-bashing as I didn't want to muck up the Beretta.
  7. Now thats what I call a missus! Take note Mrs Neutron! :)

    Yeah, I've got to say I can't wait to get my hands on it. :D
  8. Not only that, she even puts up with a German Shorthaired Pointer getting under the covers on cold nights, she held the lamp (did think of attaching one to a hat for her to wear but thought that was taking the urine a bit) when the vehicle mount broke and I had to make a lot of foxes be dead, and even took the oars to save petrol when trolling for salmon on Lough Leane, on our honeymoon.

    Top Missus.
  9. Sounds like a great catch there mate, fair play to you!
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    To a point, yes I'd agree.

    However, when a mate of the same build and eye of myself lent me his Purdey it was just so much easier.
    No, it was effortless. As if I wasn't trying.

    That said, I don't think I'll ever have the dosh for a new Purdey - and especially the three matched guns I have in my fantasy armoury ! :D
  11. That's going to be down to gunfit and choke more than anything else. I have a Remington 870 that is easy to hit with (I wouldn't use the term "accurate" in relation to shotguns) and it is a very cheap gun compared to almost anything else short of a Baikal. That said I use an old English hammergun or a BSA boxlock in the field.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    True story Ex, it is down to the fit.
    But if a craftsman who really knows what he's doing fits a gun to you it's like a favourite coat or a special bint - everything else is ok but never feels quite that good. :)