Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon 2 / 28inch fixed.


I have used a 28' Silver Pigeon V for game shooting for a few years now and love it, absolutely cannot fault it quarter and half choked. My V just has a higher level of finish than a II, but it is the same gun.
I have also used it with Brenneke slugs on boar, and with full choked magnum loads on high duck (get the GEL recoil pad option fitted).
Brilliant gun, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who thinks otherwise.
Value holds well too.


I have 2 686 Silver Pigeons, one in 28 and the other a 20. Hoping to pick up a 12 for my oldest lad for xmas. They are good guns and seem pretty reliable.
Had the fancy SP V, now have the plain 686, cracking bit of kit, all grades are mechanically identical - just the grade of wood and the finish of the metal are different. Recommended without reservation.
Most of the clay schools tend to use them because they are totally reliable.Some have had half a million rounds through them with no problems. The AK47 of shotguns , and as Alsacien says , they hold their value , though a lot of that is down to currency fluctuation.I paid £880 for mine brand new 5 years ago and its worth about a grand now , apparently , despite 5 years normal use .Now , where is that Guerini catalogue , it was here a minute ago...

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