Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by mountain, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. can anyone out there tell me the colour of a SAS beret and a PARA beret
  2. best wah ive heard all day lol
  3. Yes please see the colours below as found on the Dulux website

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  4. and........

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  5. blood is that this seasons colours
  7. What would happen if I did a google image search for SAS beret and Para beret? I wonder...
  8. No seriously, SAS beret is white and Para is pink.
  9. it was a question that came up who wants to be a millionaire well they were wrong. i like the pink para beret. but boys dont give up the day job
  10. SAS Beige

    Para Maroon

    All others Crap Hats
  11. :roll: :roll: (read-sandy)
  12. or PARA like acne
    SAS like pus

    Commander Luke, just take a mirror and have a look at your arse for an example of this colour scheme in harmony. You might even have the brown of the guards in there too.

    You fcuking monging cum recepticle :x
  13. What did they think the answers were?

    By the way, only one fully correct response so far.

    By the way WotW, Guards isn't brown, it's khaki (pronounced cacky, not car-key).
  14. Because of the amalgamation, and units within the SAS, the Beret is now of a Tartan colour.
    This was done predominantly to confuse the enemies of our great nation.
  15. But 'khaki' means 'sand coloured'