Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by error_unknown, Jun 28, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone know of a source of good cypress green berets other than the QMs? I bought one recently from a well known military gear specialist, but I'm sure they've flogged me a nasty, skuzzy AGC one. Having a big head, the issue ones look like goddamned sombreros on me...
  2. I got my DuBora one from Aldershot.

    I know that Silverman's do a reasonable selection?
  3. Try HM Supplies
  4. Silvermans for me.
  5. Thanks Gents. Regrettably, HM Supplies flogged me the AGC beret (b*stards!) and Du Bora's and Silvermans don't make them big enough for my monster swede - I can just squeeze on a 62 if my hair is short. Any other suggestions? Do 'Victor's' of Aldershot still exist?
  6. Ah Victors! Memories......... :D
  7. Why.............. :?:
  8. Ho ho - the old Chinagraph Commandos. I suppose you could try the Boy Scouts shop.

    But really you eunuchs should go back to wearing craphats as in days of yore.
  9. How can I put this bother: Feck Off!

  10. :) I've fecked :)