Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Redcoated_Warrior, Dec 10, 2006.

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  1. Why is it that the majority of the newly formed regiments are to have the brown beret when many of their founding regiments had blue. For example of the Duke of Lancasters forming regiments two had blue berets: Kings, and the QLR. Also neither of the two regiments making up the Royal welsh had brown, they were both blue. In the new order of battle only two regiments will have blue RRF and Mercians. Anyone shed some light on this? is it a subtle move towards a corps of infantry?
  2. I think it might be some Para's idea of a joke?
  3. Might be thats all they have in stock at the moment? ?
  4. I think the original idea behind the khaki beret were to clearly define Infantry from other Arms and Services, the majority of whom wore the Midnight Blue (official term) beret.

    Back in the late 1970's/early 1980's the Guards and Royal Anglians went khaki as did several of the King's Div - the King's Regiment, Green Howards, Duke of Wellington Regiment, Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire as did the Territorial Yorkshire Volunteers and the HAC.

    It was mooted that the whole of the Queen's Div would also go khaki in about 1982 but the Queen's Regiment and RRF vetoed the idea.

    When I was doing my PSBC in 1985 a Kingo got a b*ll**king by one of the DS for wearing a khaki beret as the new Colonel of the Regiment had changed it back to blue while he was at Brecon.

    When we rebadged to PWRR in 1992 both the Queen's and Royal Hampshires swopped blue for Khaki.
  5. well the Rifles definately won't be getting a brown beret! 8)
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    RTR are armoured and do not wear a blue beret and hopefully never will :twisted:
  7. You are right about the khaki beret, it was introduced first to motor battalions, then the infantry in general (around 1943/44) and eventually most of the army, replacing the field service cap (sidecap) and the wartime GS cap (kind of Tam O' Shanter type thing). However all armoured regiments in WW2 wore black berets (from July 1941), the only type in the system at the beginning of the war. After the war the dark-blue beret was introduced as the standard- except for RTR (who reclaimed black as their own), Paras and SAS (maroon), Commandos (green). Over the years other colours have been introduced or in the case of khaki and SAS sand re-introduced.

    Edit: KRH and their predecessors have used the rust-coloured beret since the 1930s, but this getting really off-topic now.
  8. When I was in training in IJLB in82/83 many of the Regiments (Mainly Kings Div I think) Changed one day they all had blue the next Kaki. The reason was explained that the reason was that the Kaki beret was more tactical. When my old regiment (Queen’s) amalgamated into the PWRR they adapted the Kaki and took the tactical bit even further (I don’t know if this was the official reason) by issuing a subdued Bronze Cap badge for where in the Beret and a shiny one of their # 2 dress caps.

    Despite the fact that it could be seen as one step further to a corps of infantry many people believe it is the way ahead. But I am of the opinion that you more chance of making Homosexuality compulsory than getting the Fusiliers, Para’s or LI/RGJ/Rifles give up their respective Distinctive head gear.
  9. PWRR "tactical badge" was in deference to the Hampshire Regiment, whose badges/buttons etc were "bronze"
  10. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours

    They gave me a khaki one in 1971.
  11. tankies had Black Berets and coveralls too hide oil stains,or so i heard
  12. Khaki is easier to keep clean 8)
  13. Like I wrote above all RAC units wore black berets in the war. Post-war the RTR again became the only wearers of black berets.
  14. If I remember rightly, the 37th/67th adopted this circa 1898 to stop Boer snipers aiming for the glint of the capbadge.
  15. I got pi##ed when the AGC were given the green beret similar to the Cypress Green worn by the Int Corps. Previously Pay, APTC etc all had blue berets the same as other support arms. Now you have light green berets all over the place! :roll: