Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo9, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. hello, my beret is really annoying me now, because it wont shape perfectly, my mates have perfect ones and mine is crap, ive tried everything. any advice? or can u buy berets which have less material to flat over to the right? any help or advice please?
  2. It's not your beret, it's the shape aof your head that's the problem! You can get less material (small crown) berets from a place called Du Bora's in Aldershot. There's a link to them here in ARRSE somewhere.
  3. Robbo9

    You can take the lining out of your beret and this will allow you to shape it ( you will get a bill when you hand it back to the QM though), or try using hot and cold water to shring the material
  4. Hand a beret BACK..? No chance!

    And if anyone bills you for something, is it not then yours to keep, since you payed for it and all?
  5. If you don't hand it back, you get billed and it's yours to keep. If you hand it back in an unpermitted condition, you don't get it back (though if you're still serving, you get a replacement) and you get a bill.
  6. FFS, we're talking a couple of quid here you know??
  7. If you serve over 3 years, items that have been close to the skin ie berets, socks (and boots) do not need to be returned so best you stay in for a few years :lol: .
  8. or, alternatively face a real challenge my young padouin learner, try shaping a fcuking caubeen, now thats a job :D that said once it's done right you hate fcuking replacing the thing :(
  9. Isn't that the truth. Getting a shape that isn't dissimilar to a pork pie with a feather sitting on top of your head is a dark art which is only perfected by many, many hours of blood, sweat & tears (and a soggy head for a few nights). But I love mine and would be loathe to swap it for anything else.
  10. Amen brother!

  11. does anyone know what these 'custom' berets are like ? has anyone actually bought one?
  12. Pity Victors in the shot is long berets on the planet
  13. Soak in hot water, then cold water then put it on your nut and shape it and preferably leave it on your nut till it's fairly dry, thats is really all you need to do to shape your Beret. if it's not right then your not doing it right because it really is THAT simple to do, ask your buddies or one of the lads in the company for help if you can't do it mate, they'll show you there and then....

    Whats perfect though? after lads have shaped them some are different to others, some have the front dragged right down to display the "covering the right eye look", some have them shrunk to have the "jewish" look and the mongs have their capbadge at the side of their head "flatcap" look, so whats perfect?

    Not a fashion show, just shape it to your liking, the instructions are even inside the'll be gelling your hair, trimming your pubes and having a gentlemens wash for parades next....