Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo9, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. hello....can some one please help me....i need to shape my beret...but have no it is it sposessed ot look on the head...i heard if you have a rounded face long but round face it is suposed ot be ina certain place. any advice?
  2. Are you a journalist ?
  3. I was just about to start a beret thread in the QM forum.

    Issue berets are crap, right? Anyone know where to get a decent one from? Online preferably, had a quick look but was unable to see anything. Compton and Webb I've heard are good.

    Any help out there?
  4. ammo and co , thats where i get mine from . Most PRI's sell them .
    Well worth it and you dont notice until you get one .
  5. What sort of price am I looking at?
  6. Are there many on here looking at changing berets soon ?
  7. ffs. they are issued, and unlike boots cant make life easier. Also C_a_B as a detapo you wear what you are given, you will look total arrse with 'airborne' or 'flat cap' beret and RMAS cap badge (as I am sure your DS would be rather quick to point out too). SAVE YOUR MONEY.
  8. Normally I wouldn't have bothered, but one of the DS suggested getting one, it's the only reason I'm looking into it.
  9. Here's a question... I've been told when I get to RMAS I'll wear their capbadge rather than my unit's. Does this mean I'll also have to have a blue berret? My unit berret is a different colour, will I be issued a new one closer to the time (quite a long way off unfortunately)?
  10. You should already have a blue beret and RMAS cap badge.
  11. If going for TA commission then depending on how your RTC interprets the rules you will be issued a blue beret and RMAS cap badge at some point in Mod2, usually having passed RCB. You retain your original capbadge & beret but are expected, and should be honoured to wear the RMAS kit until you have completed your training or thrown in the towel.

    This is a good way of making you a rather easy target in the JRC and should grovel accordingly. When you commission you can win back the honour to wear your original berret by way of purchasing at least a round for everyone in the bar, if you jack it at this point I'd advise emigrating.
  12. your prob the only one mate.

    have you got your guards beret yet ?
  13. Take your beret, take the cap badge off. Cut out the linen lining inside the beret (as this doesn't shrink like the rest of the beret), fill 2 basins with water, 1 very hot and 1 cold. soak the beret in the hot one for 20s or so being careful not to get the leather band wet, then dip in the cold. Do this a couple of times then wring out the beret and place it on your head. Mould it and then leave it on your head to dry naturally.

    That method has worked for me for years, the issue berets are fine there is no point in wasting money on buying another one.
  14. TA Guards, is there such a thing ?

    Do they stag on outside Buck house at weekends ?

  15. Robbo 9 - What Bde are you?