How did the wearing of berets come about?

Why do we wear them and not DPM caps that offer protection from the sun, etc?
dpm caps??.is that what the usmc wear....and look like cocks while doing it!!.....berets arnt that bad....would you prefer to waer that or a) look like a cock or b)where a lovely kevlar helmet all the time and get a crick in your dont be an idiot.and who gives a shit how they came about!!
Berets started off in France. The beret replaced the armoured helmet and visor when froggies found that all the edges and rivets of the steel plate snagged the white flag as it was frantically waved above their heads. They also found that it was too heavy to run away with and too awkward to remove quickly. The beret, when introduced, was found to resolve all these problems, although the little pointy bit that can be found on the top of civilian berets was removed as it was judged to be an obvious aiming mark for enemy fire.
In the 80's cotton DPM "crap hats" were issued to recruits. They were actually very comfy. I was issued one along with my DMS boots, puttees and 2X KF shirts, sandpaper.

It was the Royal Tank Regiment which first began experimenting with Berets as they found that wearing SD hats in Tanks was rather inpractical.

During the 1930s they tested a number a berests worn by school girls and the colour black was chosen as it would show the oil and dirt the least.

At the start of the War only the RTR wore berets and it was Monty's tank driver that first gave Monty his famous Beret.

The Parachute Regiment and all members of the Airbourne Division also wore berets.

Towards the end of the war the Army began to issue a karki beret which was the same colour and style as the battledress.

So all these war films which show people wearing berets during the war are infact incorrect. As only limited units actually worn them.

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