Beret's or US style caps?(with MTP)

Just a thought.....What with the new MTP being worn un tucked and with all the velcro etc,Should we be wearing caps like our US counterparts?,Is the Beret a bit out of date with all the modernisation going on?Personally i think that it would look better/smarter with the new uniform.Like i said, just a thought...


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They look fucking tonk. My QM showed me one that was to be issued for H16. Fucking awful things. MTP 'Baseball' caps...
They look fucking tonk. My QM showed me one that was to be issued for H16. Fucking awful things. MTP 'Baseball' caps...
Was that the 'Afrika Korps' style, or the 'contractor baseball hat with velcro' style?
I'd like to see a jaunty flat cap.

Officers and proper chaps could wear it forwards, other ranks could wear it turned to the side or back and look bitchin!
I always thought the caps the Americans wear are while gammy looking, personally I wouldn't want to go near them. We should keep berets.
I quite like the 'Africa Corps' caps - we may end up all loooking alike I suppose, but If the purpose of the Beret and Cap badge system is to promaote and sustain esprit de corps, then as we are slowly amalgamated into one big masse, then the things which set us apart are slowely being eradicated anyway.

It won't be long now in my opinion, until we have just 3 units - the English, Scottish and Welsh Regiments/Battlegroups/Whatever.
If I had said this 10-15 years ago, plenty of people would say I was overstating the case, but I doubt that it would meet with such derision now [there's a tempting target for you].
How long until the British Regiment, then the Euro Regiment, then La Regiment d'OTAN?
What's the point of continuing with all the different types of headgear, when each is being produced and issued to an ever-decreasing slice of people?
The What?


Back to the Pith I say.
Ah! Oh yes, I actually liked it. I thought it was called a 'crap hat' - due to Para recruits having to wear it before they can don the Maroon Beret.
I thought the SAS made it look pretty ally though, wearing with OG berghaus bergans and '58 pattern Webbing.


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Bring back the DILAC! A totally underappreciated bit of kit given a bad name.
Never, once a DILAC always a DILAC. How else would you identify a septic in shadows
Think today's berets shrink much more than in the past.In my time...yawn.


To be fair - I have terrible teeth (and terrible toes)
...and a poisonous wart on the end of my nose...

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