Berets...Multinational horror (or not) collection

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by -Sardaukar-, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. I start with the thing I consider most horrendous example:

    That seems to be how it should be officially...I'd rather eat worms than wear beret designed with huge badge like that !! :D


    Finnish Air Force beret...need I say more...


    Couple of Finnish Coastal Light Infantry (sort of Marines) troopers with interesting styles:


    This is the actual beret:


    Also, here is shown one non-approved method to wear a beret :D Some poor person who does not disclose he had been posting on ARRSE has been suffering about that pic for years.. Not to mention the picture gallery somehow made it to !!

  2. Perhaps you can explain why everyone has there different "shaped" berets instead of the correct British way?

    I was always told that you should soak it in water put it on your head and shape it then wear it until it dries thus making the sizing and shape perfect to ones head. Then in the case of my father attach the Hackle after this process being careful that fluff does not amass on the beret. (Handy hint for those who don't know)
  3. IJLB, Shorncliffe, Week 1, Sept 1977

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  4. That is exactly how Finnish army taughts it (or should). Of course, in many units with conscripts (since we have mandatory service) it is not strictly enforced even when it should. And you end up with morons wearing beret as cook hat...

    In units where beret actually shows special branch or unit, things tend to be different. You do not, for example wear Para beret looking like mushroom on your head.. :D

    Sadly, the introduction of generic (green) beret in Finnish Army made me see too many sad examples. Ditto with introduction of aforementioned black US Army beret.
  5. You can shape a Compton Webb but Kangol was a useless nightmare if I remember right.
  6. So, a quick count tells me that I have worn four different ones:

    Navy blue - original

    Royal Blue - Commonwealth

    Green - Oman

    Grey - Oman
  7. What I mean with cook hat or mushroom style for wearing a beret is aptly shown here:


    In Finnish army, beret (apart from specialised units, SF, armour) was new introduction to ordinary troops in 90's. Big mistake, in my not so humble opinion. People either did not have any idea how to wear a beret or could not give a shit to form one properly.
  8. Well make them "give a s***" there are ways of doing things and they will be done correctly alternatively you can have them beasted until their uniform is up to the standard undoubtedly set in your regulations. I know they are not Brits but come on even Fins can follow instructions.
  9. In FDF, beret is usually not worn in the training or duty, barring units like Para/SF and Armour.

    Thus, 90 % of troopers only wear beret while on leave etc. In addition to that, most of them are conscripts doing nowadays 180 days of service if wanting to go out easily. :(

    Problem thus is not when they are supervised by NCOs nor from combat units (infantry, AT, combat engineers, even signals had hard discipline with it), problem was that like in US military, beret was introduced to all.

    And since most of them wore it only outside the barracks..the horror the horror. Especially in units where there was not much pride (HQ coys, transportation, etc.) and people just tried to get through with least effort.

    To abbreviate the problem, I was once a Duty Officer in garrison in 90's where some of the security functions fell to HQ company conscripts. That is one coy where those deemed to be unfit to combat are usually put, so I knew there was trouble brewing.

    This is how i recall it:

    00:39 Military Police duty NCO alerts me that HQ coy private doing routine rolling patrol inside and alongside the garrison fence has gone missing. He could not be reached by wireless communications hand had failed his landline check-in.

    00:40 Full feckin alert in garrison, especially lovely for those just out from their evening free time, ending midnight... But since missing private is carrying assault rifle and assorted ammunition, cannot be avoided. I was like, "O fock, why me !!", I was just been laying in bed reading a book and enjoying the silent night.

    00:41 Among the all the screaming and cursing, both higher HQ and local police are informed.

    01:00 Armed men are running around like men demented, half sent to their pre-ordered positions, half trying still form any sort of resemblance to unit. Not to mention 80% are under influence of 8-12 pints...

    01:30 Organized search commences, inside the fence is meticulously searched..and searched again.

    04:30 Local police informs us that they have found trooper 3 km away, walking alongside the railroad track, stating he is following his designated route...

    05:30 Missing trooper put into brig, garrison alert level down.

    06:00 Bright new morning to all

    Consequent investigation was befuddled *how* the trooper in question managed to get lost when area was encased with 3 m chainlink fence topped with barbed wire. None of the troopers manning checkpoints to enter/exit ever admitted even seeing him (not along his patrol route), much less admitting him to exit...

    I was not too concered about how he wore his beret, tho..after that... :eek: :D
  10. Should have shot him.
  11. Well, that was the opinion of senior MP NCO when that trooper was put into brig. :twisted:

    But since we do not have capital punishment anymore nor it'd bring military service any more amiable to people by that.. :p

    That guy was about as bright as box of rocks and was released as unfit to serve during peacetime.

    And no-one was much wiser after prolonged investigation how he got out thru the fence... Lots of people spent lot of time trying to find out that particular detail.. :p Aliens must have beamed him up, was the verdict.

    And he wore his beret as "mushroom"...
  12. BERET -- French invention and utter crap...leave it to the frogs to come up with headgear that makes a man look like a hairy woman.
  13. Yeah - ideal for the field: holds water, shrinks as it dries and, after a few days, stinks like a sanger-banger's crutch on a saturday night...