Berets and tos’s

'Cos he's a dedicated follower of fashion.

This music and wonderful lyrics just about sums up the poncey hipster bun wearing bunch of tossers that seem to be invading infesting our streets, shops and watering holes today. Google you tube, and watch the 60's Carnaby street film that accompanies this song, that really shows what swinging london was all about, great stuff.( walking down Carnaby street 1968)
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My ToS was the same size as my beret, as I always avoided shrinking the band on the beret there wasn't a problem with it.

I never liked the Glengarry though, hats with tails are daft. (And yes I'm including the Davey Crockett dead racoon on the head look in this)
What is your problem with tails these guy look nails :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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