Berets and N.o 2 dress

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Nov 20, 2005.

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    10. Soldier pattern. Soldiers of the following regiments or corps do not wear caps, forage, peaked:

    a. RTR, RRF, LI, RM, PARA, SAS, AAC, Int Corps.

    b. RWF and RLC all ranks up to and inclusive of SSgt, with the exception of musicians and Corps of Drums personnel.

    Is this a cost cutting exercise? Berets look pants with number 2's but then again if we cant get the proper kit for Ops then should we expect decent dress uniforms?
  2. Bugger, I'm in the middle of my application for the Int Corps. No cap for me then :cry:
  3. i like wearing my beret with no2s...a peaked cap would be a pain in the arse...and i wear my no2s on average twice a year so would find little excuse for a peaked cap.
  4. beret for my number 2's dog shit bring back the ACC. RLC BIG BAG OF DOG SHIT if you ask me!!!!!!!
  5. I'm very much a beret man on this one - especially as I'm in barrack dress most of the time these days. Prior to this, I think I wore my service dress cap once every twelve months on average - it's a complete waste of time and money.
  6. Totally agree, regardless of how little we wear the item the Forage Cap is infinately smarter looking with No2s than a beret.
  7. A proposal has been put forward to the Corps Dress committee to keep sufficient stocks of No1 dress uniforms to equip 1-3 units for ceremonial events. Any reason why the committee cant flex the rules to include provision of peak hats for all ranks with that stock pile? That way the Corps isn’t lumbered with having to procure massive amounts of headwear that won’t be used very often. Berets look really pump with No1 and are just about forgivable with No2 dress but it is blatantly a cost saving measure brought about from the amalgamation of the forming Corps.
    Whether this proposal succeeds is anybody’s guess.
  8. Many of the exceptions are to allow the hackle to be worn which, although not my 'thing', is perhaps a good thing for those concerned.
  9. It should be noted that all the capbadges listed in a) wear funny-coloured berets because we're special except for RRF who have their budgie. The story behind RLC and RWF is not known to me. Perhaps someone knows of a tradition. Wouldn't put it past the bean counters to be the reason behind this though.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    RWF the clue is in the name Fusilier, they have a budgie too!
  11. Yes, thanks ugly. Me being dopey. :oops:
  12. and the OTC's wear berets too!
  13. im glad the INT CORPS doesnt have caps, just imagine how fooking stupid we would look in slime green caps.

    My God the thought is terrifying
  14. im glad the INT CORPS doesnt have caps, just imagine how fooking stupid we would look in slime green caps.

    My God the thought is terrifying
  15. Forgive me if wrong, but isn't Beret the correct Head dress for No 2's ? I mean its a No 1 dress cap, at least thats what I got told in the RA, idea being that No 1's is too expensive for all, and can be tailored to fit when borrowed, whereas Hats can't and thus need to be issued to all just in case.

    FTR I think berets in No 2's is poo and used to enjoy wearing my cap in 2's and barrack dress

    Makes me laugh seeing 7 and 29 wearing berets in No 1's as I am sure that is incorrect dress, after all the RM's wear caps in ceramonial.