Beret type & shape

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by kiwiwik, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. It's called a beret non ferocious.
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  2. I don't think that's the actual name.. explain..?
  3. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    And it's a shit way to shape your beret. Does your right ear need warming up?
  4. Yes, actually, it does...
  5. That beret looks as if it was shaped using a combine harvester.
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  6. Maybe it was

    Anyone with a useful comment?
  7. Yes, you are a boring ****.
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  8. Yes, because you're so entertaining. I'll be sure to tell the grandkids about my encounters with Badger_Heed, the most unboring and entertaining amoeba I ever encountered
  9. Slime Cap Badge?
  10. How rude!

    So you're basically stating that if you were to lick the inside of my elbow you would in fact taste your mum.
  11. Yes, Harris tweed flat caps are much better and warmer.
  12. Its a better shaped beret than those bellends that walk about with the flat cap stylee and the cap badge sitting on top have! They dont look ally, they look like dicks!! **** all wrong with a toasty right ear!
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  13. Those who besmirch the mighty flat cap (especially when the beret is maroon in colour) have envy issues stemming from inadequacy.
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  14. Piffle Sir!! I may be inadequate, but my right ear is warm!!
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