Beret type & shape

Yes, because you're so entertaining. I'll be sure to tell the grandkids about my encounters with Badger_Heed, the most unboring and entertaining amoeba I ever encountered
How rude!

So you're basically stating that if you were to lick the inside of my elbow you would in fact taste your mum.
Its a better shaped beret than those bellends that walk about with the flat cap stylee and the cap badge sitting on top have! They dont look ally, they look like dicks!! **** all wrong with a toasty right ear!
That my dear, is called "a prop"...and it sits on top of an actors head and thus was probably formed by a wardrobe assistant.

My I suggest you try this lot...
It's an issued beret (as in ******* huge). Why would you want one, just get a small crown one so you don't look like a French alpine soldier.
Useful info warning.... Sorry.

No one seems to have cottoned on to the fact that he chap is wearing WW2 BD, therefore it follows the beret is also WW2 vintage or a WW2 repro. The WW2 issue berets were larger than our modern jobbies, hence the earwarmer.

Conclusions -
a) The OP needs to get a repro WW2 beret to get the same look.
b) If the OP is serving and wears it he will get a jolly good telling off.
c) The OP does indeed seem to be boring.
d) Getting the horn looking at a beret is a section 8.
Isnt that Micheal Fassbender of Heidelberg, Germany?

Always did have a way with uniforms though he does seem to be missing a scar, maybe he didn't go to the Uni ?
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