Beret shrinkage

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by syledis, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Whats size of beret would you buy to allow for shrinkage if the person had a 55cm head size, and is there any where in Glasgow i can get an AAC beret?
  2. Boil your face, then put the beret on, it will help it shrink.

    Buy the size that you need for your head, then shrink it. The material shrinks, not the band (well it does a little, but will stretch back to fit)
  3. don't use boiling water or put it in an autoclaver.
    Cut the innner lining out.
    Leave to dry naturally not on a radiator.
  4. Cheers, its been 20 years plus since i shrunk a beret and its for my lads halloween party at school, and i dont want him going with a mini one or Chinook landing pad either
  5. You've been wah'd.
  6. How do you forget how to shrink a beret?!?!

    Hot and cold water, repeat. Shave as necessary. No need to cut out the lining if you do't want to?
  7. Yes, I can think of nothing more scary than some lad rocking up dressed as a member of the AAC...
  8. Dont chide me old chap, i wont be there to do it, it will be my ex wife and if i get the size or anything about it wrong there will be hell to pay!!
  9. ha has all the gear from the flightsuit, to the boots and gloves, patches etc, when he gets the beret he will look the part hopefully. He is still a bit too thin though
  10. Syledis, my o/h just bought yet another beret.This one comes with an idiots guide to shaping :wink:

    1. immerse beret alternately in hot & cold water until soaked through.

    2. place beret on head and mould to desired shape.

    3 .leave beret to dry naturally

    btw it also says ..........dry clean only :? :?
  11. May I also suggest you buy the little tike one of these, to poke out from his growbag.

  12. I had a beret brush to brush my red beret with.
    If you're a hat, just use a boot cleaning brush.
  13. Red? Never heard a Monkey call someone a Hat?

    You sure?
  14. well maroon then :?
  15. Youre just the first Para/Ex-Para I have ever heard desribe it as red, I thought that was a cardinal sin! :D