Beret Shaping

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. I have two schools of thought during discussion about kits, one says Beret Shapes better without the lining , the other says keep the lining inside.

    wonder what you guys think ?
  2. there is my answer 15 years never took the lining out just the plastic and I aint bald yet
  3. Keep the lining in. Reason: when your on ex and aint got a rag to check the dip stick on your vehicle the beret in pocket is perfect for wiping excess away! lining stops seepage onto your swad...

  4. bang on the nail butler this technique saw me thru 22 years!!
  5. I'm just gong to have to let you off with that snack thieving rap aren't I
  6. well i am enjoyin gthe chase in an odd obese purple male way lol
  7. So how come yours always looked so bad??? Sorry mate! :twisted:
  8. I've got a lined beret and a un-lined beret.

    Most of my staff and other cadets go for the unlined option so this is what I did with my first beret. I found it very easy to mould BUT it didn't hold its shape as well and required molding more often with hot water etc

    My second beret was lined. I prefer this one as I have molded it properly once and used it for over 6 months and it immediatly seems to find a shape whereas my other one seems to be a little soft.

    There is a new school of thought coming in with the silk lined beret though...

    I'd say go for the lined beret just cut the plastic square out.
  9. Bang on young 'un. Less excess on top too :wink:

  10. Got me one of them silk jobs.

    Very nice indeed. The 'crown' is smaller, and the material is a lot rougher, but its easy to mould, and keeps its shaper very well.

    T C
  11. b'cos I was always in blues. (forage cap) :wink: