Beret Shape Enforcement Officer

Funny shaped berets, Ive seen some funny shaped wastelines knocking around This Mans Army from all corps and regiments. If all someone is worried about is the shape of your beret then to be honest.. Youve never had it so good.

chocolate_frog Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2005 9:57 pm Post subject: Re: Beret Shape Enforcement Officer


The_Bull140 wrote

3)When the squadron exercises come along these lads are the first their to offer their services as instructors.

4)on the gordons cup recently most section commanders were from 264 or 216 (k a few weren't)

Point 3. I wouldn't say they rush to the front, although they do volunteer, so do I, a humbe harry.

Point 4. This was mainly because their course was spammed to be section commanders. And their course happens to have a number of 264/216 types on it.

There were only two 264 guys on the gordons cup

Their course did not get spammed.

People who aren't 216/264 also volunteer to do stuff like this.

Nobody from that course who was 216 (only one) volunteered
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