Beret Shape Enforcement Officer

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stella_rules, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. I've heard on the grapevine that there is to be a new duty on Blandford Camp. It will be a WO/Officer, they will locate themselves in the RONCO Bunk with the suicide watch boys, from there they will carry out random patrols of the Camp to ensure that the Pastie Beret crew of the Airborn Fraternity aren't stepping out of line with there 'wierd and wonderful berets' as the CO calls them,
  2. Will there be someone of a higher rank to grip all the officers with their Pie head berets.
  3. Hmmm,

    I can't really understand why this is such a big deal for anyone. An item of uniform or dress which is outside the "norm" should be picked up in barracks (and that includes Barbour jackets, extreme moustaches, sideburns and silly looking berets). And before anyone starts on about the lack of definition about what a beret should look like, that is why I deliberately used "norm".

    It's all about creeping and erosion of standards and once a droopy moustache is acceptable, next will be handlebars and in a flash we'll all be like the Crabs! Similarly, after the "flat cap" comes the badge over the ear etc etc.

    I have to say that all those who would criticise time being spent on this petty subject should maybe just wear their berets correctly in the first place and let those trying to enforce the issue get on with other, possibly more important, things.

    But then again, maybe maintenance of standards is old hat (and please excuse the rather weak pun).
  4. Maybe because these people are very proud of what they have achieved. A lot is expected from the 264/216 lads in Blandford, let em keep their flat caps, plus it means we always have someone to look after the whippets.
  5. Just wondering what is expected from the 264/216 lads more than anyone else ???
  6. Well let me see....maybe it is because the 264/216 lads highlight the varied and interesting lives you can have away from a normal signals unit...or is it to show how far you can motivate yourself to become an achiever instead of yet another mincer....or is it becasue they have achieved summat which not may people can do and should be admired for doing so. That kind of negativity towards these members of the corps just shows ignorance and plain stupidity. These lads are something for the phase 2 trainees to look up to, more than can be said for the remainder of blandford camp!
  7. Well

    1)Their squadrons expect them to put on a good front and encourage volounteers.

    2)They are expected to "volounteer" to give presentations to the trainees.

    3)When the squadron exercises come along these lads are the first their to offer their services as instructors.

    4)on the gordons cup recently most section commanders were from 264 or 216 (k a few weren't)

    think i got my point accross. And before anyone says anything i'm not some arrse licking wannabee I just respect these lads for doing something i myself could not do.
  8. Sunray V. Minor

    It helps to put a :wink: after a posting that is so obviously of the "Bah Humbug " variety less someone actually believes that you are, in fact, posting via a wormhole that has transported you back to 1958.

    Barbour jackets are not G1098, unlike berets.

    What will the next Komic Kaper be? Ensuring that trousers are bloused the correct height above the ankle? That only issue drawers, mens are used? rationing loo roll?

    Cont P.94

    Spike Milligan would have loved this, rest his soul.
  9. Spike milligan, now there was a soldier to be proud of
  11. The_Bull140 wrote

    Point 3. I wouldn't say they rush to the front, although they do volunteer, so do I, a humbe harry.

    Point 4. This was mainly because their course was spammed to be section commanders. And their course happens to have a number of 264/216 types on it. And they weren't section commanders. Just like on exercise they were more section holdy hands person to ensure the kids didn't wander off and end up in glasgow or somewhere.

    As for shapes of berets etc. I've always considered it a bit of a game to see what you can get away with. Flat caps aside. Who hasn't ironed his lightweights till they were two tone? You could have white inners and dark outers, dark inners and white outer or, my favourite, the battenburg!!!

    We'll all be wearing twisters too. The CO likes them, and thinks they're good. So will the designers of the 95 issue trousers take note. Strings at ankles are no longer required so please stop wasting the money. We might be able to save for a swimming pool.

    Someone check the twins berets and twisters. If they're not wearing the correct normal beret kindly reshape with a blow torch!!!
  12. Elastics/twisters......... fookin hate them! They are a BAD practice and will lead to foot rot and other bad foot things in the field (teach the kids - sorry trainees that its a 'good' thing and they will carry that practice into the field) - Got this from a Medic - straight up! (hmmm will post this thought on the Medic site see what they say.......) :)
  13. Sloped berets - love 'em.

    We need some individuality in the Corps in this world of badges, that is earnt through blood, tears, and good trade knowledge.

    Bravo to the 216/264 boys - let's give the lads something to aspire to.


    216 = pack animals

    264 = pack animals who can talk!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

  14. talking of beret shapes!! has anyone been up to inform the MPGS of the change in headress shape!!!

    those clowns are the worst offenders and there not even "AIRBORNE!!!!"
  15. I have the obvious solution

    We should all shape our Berets like flat caps, then no-one can pick on or blame anyone else for daring to be an individual.

    I shall write to the SOinC(A) at once :D