Beret related crab question

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by TheVengefulElephant, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. Alreet chaps,

    I've got two questions relating to my crabby blue beret;

    Firstly, I seem to have two berets worth of material on top, and the spare stuff almost reaches past my bloody ear, whats the best way to shrink some of it off?

    Also, without wanting to start off an ally vs walt vs nob debate, I've always thought army chaps (mostly) seem to have them berets looking tres smart, I dislike the look of this inch-off-the-brow rupert-helipad look, but I dont wear mine much and I'm not much cop at moulding it that way, what are the desired criteria?

  2. You are obviously a civvie with a liking for blue serge so you're genetically predisposed to looking like a bag of **** whence in uniform.

    Nothing and I really mean nothing, will ever get you shaping a lid like an army hero therefore lob yourself into the nearest woodchipper.
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  3. If you really do own a crabfat blue hat, it's generally considered acceptable for the spare material to be pulled horizontally out to the right. This then forms a handy landing pad for errant Pumas. A quick check among your sideways-scuttling colleagues will show you that this is the RAF's interpretation of the dress regs.
  4. And, of course, there is absolutely no-one in your section/flight/class or whatever who has any idea on how to shrink a beret so you have to come on here to ask.

  5. You're right, I'm a civvie but I've got this uniform to wear as an ATC staff member. Does sound like walting doesnt it, sorry didnt mean it to come across that way, just dont really want my beret looking like a pile of gash.

    Yeah that does seem to be the generally accepted norm doesn't it.

    Well not necessarily, but I was on anyway and thought I'd ask :)
  6. **** it, wear a N1 hat and look like a postie
  7. Good drills, nice sense of humour. Did a spot of CI for a while, hope you get to enjoy it as much as I did.
  8. I was thinking more on the busses..

    Cheers, I was a CI for a couple of years but I've ended up in a blue suit now so I can do some more shooting bits. It's good fun.
  9. .....and as an added bonus, you're part of a youth organisation that's considerably larger than its sponsor.
  10. One bucket of hot water, one bucket of cold water.

    Place beret in the hot water for a count of 30, remove.

    Place beret in the cold water for 30 seconds, remove.

    Gently wring out water, being careful not to stretch the fabric by twisting.

    Place on ones head and shape.

    Allow to dry on ones bonce.


    Take bucket of hot water, drive to gypsy camp and hold aloft with a bar of soap in the other hand.

    Laugh as they pack up camp and drive off at high speed.

    One shaped beret and one Dales Farm eviction.
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  11. Yeah, it's a bit strange, luckily we're very close to two large RAF stations, but I know some people who's "local" station is a good 2 hours away. It's only going to get worse though!

    Thanks boss, I'm not very good at all this, but then I guess I shouldn't be in the first place.
  12. Perfick description of how to do it. If it's the cotton type band and not leather you can obviously get it wet. Now do they have a 'Booling boots for dummies' guide?
  13. Yep, get some of this,
  14. No amount of Hot/cold soaking will shrink a Beret by as much as you appear to want to shrink it. Google 'Small Crown Beret Company'. Choose size and colour (Crabtastic blue). Once recieved, dip into hot water for 30 seconds pop on head, shape and let it dry on your head (set aside a day when your indoors). Locate badge in approximately the right place, job done.