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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by GingeWHU, Nov 3, 2012.

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  1. May seem like a bone question, have asked at my unit and have looked here... Not having any luck

    Just transferred from a med Regt to Inf as a company CMT.

    New inf beret, RAMC cap badge...
    But, what backing...

    No one is sure, last thing I want to do is offend someone from somewhere who is sure by wearing it wrong.

  2. Yours 'till someone says otherwise.
  3. Our company medic just wears our beret with a RAMC cap badge, but I think HQ company's wear the backing. Up to you and I doubt many people would notice anyway.
  4. Same as above. Our medics where our lid and backing but their own capbadge.

    If in doubt just cut about in your old one untill the RSM rams his pace-sick up your arse for getting it wrong.
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  5. I was CMT RAMC capbadge with Inf unit and had the Inf headdress, backing and hackle
  6. When I was in KRH, our attached medics wore our brown beret and crimson backing with the RAMC badge, but each unit could be different I guess.
  7. Nice one fellas,

    Looks like their lid, backing and my badge then!

    Thought that's what it would be, but with 11/11 coming up, last thing I'd want to do is get it wrong when it's important not to look like more of a bag of shit than normal
  8. If you are in MTP you'll look a bag of shite no matter what. We are parading in MTP as we don't have FAD yet, can't wait.
  9. I would stick with your own beret and badge until given clear direction when you get there.

    Speak to the other CMTs there and ask them.
  10. Our attatched medic wore RAMC badge and beret, we wore black berets.

    Have you thought to ask an SNCO from the inf unit? They might know local customs, which nobody on here would.
  11. The badge-backing constitues part of the head dress (as do hackles). Thus if you adopt another unit's lid, you also adopt the appropriate backing. It's surprisingly straightforward when compared with the other numerous foibles of Dress Regs.
  12. No offence buddy... But, i ought to know??? Please read the original post again and you'll note the fact that I mention that I'm a CMT, with an RAMC cap badge. Seems that I'm pretty sure I am RAMC. Only you who is confused

    I am an RAMC CMT attached to an Inf Regiment... Consider it cleared up

    I now wear 'their' beret with both backings and 'my' badge... This is according to both the unit, and the DMSTG. Success

    Feel free to wind yourself up at nothing some more if you'd like

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  13. Lol do you know what day it is?