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Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by press_it, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Quick question all, what color berets are worn by RM Recruits and RM Cadets and Staff please?
    Black or Navy Blue?
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  2. Colour
  3. Neither COLOR!
  4. navy with a red flash behind the cap badge
  5. Many thanks claireh :)

    Usual p### taking from the rest, sarky gits! :-D
  6. Now go and write colour a thousand times and then take a picture and put it here. Why the hell do you want to join up if you can't even be bothered to learn English?
  7. It is spelled as color. He was right.
  8. Of course he wasn't right. You yankee doodles can't spell for some reason....I believe the reason to be too much coffee and pancakes which confuses you all.
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  9. Well, you and many others do set yourselves up for abuse, because for the time it takes you to post/reply/etc on here, you could have gotten the answer on google or another search engine yourself.

    Idle, lacking imagination or initative is how bone questions are seen by many on here.

    Worst of all,you needed a girl to answer for you.
  10. This forum is for the BRITISH army.

    Colonial (and formerly colonial) guests are more than welcome for, amongst other things, their insight and thought provoking alternative viewpoints. They can also be a source of entertainment when they fail to use British ENGLISH !!

    On a British forum we spell colour as it is seen here.
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  11. When we have British Troops embarked on Westpoint we allow them to spell it your way.
  12. He already has joined up, he's in the "whispers" RAF.
  13. Listen sweetheart it's our language and it's the only correct way to spell it.
  14. Speaking of fithy Americanisms polluting our language...the irony! :)
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