Beret/badge confusion at Remembrance parade.

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Old Nig, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone answer this please?
    At a local service on Sunday there were about 40 or so serving gunners. They wore RA badges (not a single RHA as far as i could see) but many had maroon berets and others black. All seemed to have the Red/blue square on the right arm but hardly any had 'wings.'
    I spoke to one lad briefly who said they were on a leadership course but then the parade was called to attention.
    I'm an ex gunner and have never seen a normal RA capbadge on a maroon beret. I thought it was exclusive to 7 RHA and cannot work out what was going on.
    Any ideas? By the way, I have been lurking on here for years and created a profile as I thought this was the best place to get the correct answer. Thanks.
  2. That was bloody quick, thanks.
    That makes sense then but was odd to see, I suppose it may have happened since I left in 1996! The times they are a changin.
  3. VG is probably right about where they come from but you also get TA gunners from 201 Bty who wear the normal RA capbadge on maroon berets.
  4. Maybe an ex-Gunner, but not an old one

    RA capbadges on maroon berets have been knocking about for decades, 4th Regt was airborne at one stage and prior t that there was all sorts during the war. 7 RHA was a flatty regt prior to the 1960's.

    21 Bty, 47 Regt RA has been a flatty airborne/air assault since the late 90's at least, prior to that they had P Troop, originally from 7 RHA , who wore the RA badge first before the whole Bty re-roled. Now they are UAV and I believe are still part of 16 AA Bde, so will continue wearing the beret.

    I have to admit I didn't know 12 Bty where fully adopting the maroon mantle, I spoke with some of them last year and they didn't know wheter they were.

    201 Bty (V) are also Air Assault and support 7 RHA and wear the RA cap badge as previously stated

    Lack o f wings ? sign of the times I'm afraid, its Air Assault, not Airborne now. If the were 12 Bty guys then its probably not surprising as this is a new role for them
  5. The lads at phase 2 at RSA in Larkhill get to wear the beret of there chosen Regiment so the lads that are going to 7 para RHA wear the maroon and the lads that chose 4/73 Bty wear the brown coloured one. Not sure if the lads going to 29 wear the green one. Bit daft in my eyes but i suppose it give them the incentive to pass there chosen specialist courses.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I would hope that the lads opting for 29 dont get their cabbage head until they have passed. I used to see the hopefuls on the plymouth train when I went home on leave. Passing the course earns the right to wear the green Beret not the other way around and I know the RM would be upset if the army was ppursuing this line.
    They were ever so twitchy when we worked alongside them in the 1980's and we had to wear the parent unit headress. They were not happy but we werent there for them!
  7. They shouldn't do as the green lid, with the dagger, is a mark of having passed the Commando Course, as opposed to the maroon one of being posted to 16AA. Whether they should wear "Army Commando" shoulder flashes or not, I've no idea.

    Added: Beaten to it by Ugly. Oh well. That'll teach me for working while posting on ARRSE!
  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    There is no way anyone who has not passed AACC would be allowed to wear a green lid. The thought of some sprog straight out of training turning up at the Citadel with one because he had been told he could have one as an incentive would be a sight worth seeing!

    I think more people than RM would have things to say. 29, 24, Loggies etc might have something to say as well.

    No Army Commando flash, they are not a Commando.
  9. I was with 29 from 2000 - 2002. At the time the non Cdo trained wore the normal gunner beret until they passed the course. You are presented the Green lid at the end of the 30 miler and can wear it from then. You can also wear the dagger which is an Army qualification badge. The "Army Commando" flash is to be worn on the new combat rig as the dagger interferes with the pockets or something like that, but it is still a qualification badge.
  10. To clear this up

    All Gunners at Larkhill who have put to go to 29 DO NOT get issued a green beret, instead they get the 3 Bde TRF, which is a Black Dagger on OG background worn on the RIGHT arm (instead of the Red/Blue), as opposed to the AA Cdo Cse qual badge (red dagger on black worn on the left arm)

    As a side note whilst watching that young soldiers programme, 1 Rifles, whilst in Afganhistan, wore the 3 Bde TRF on the left arm, but this might be because of the dirty great ISAF badge on the right
  11. Thats because 1 Rifles are part of 3 Commando Brigade and most have the option to take the AACC as well.

    1 RIFLES - British Army Website
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    More accurately, because it is the Bde flash, which are worn on the left arm (like the screaming budgie of 16x), leaving the right arm free for unit TRF (or DZ flash as appropriate)
  13. I remember when we were given that sexy 145 Bde flash to glue onto our S95s
  14. Yes I know 1 Rifles are in 3 Bde, my point twas the location of the badge

    Actually the badge is the RM TRF, but is also seen as a Bde flash, but it is not worn as such, it is worn on the right arm , in some cases, instead of the TRF, I have seen 29 and the loggie regt do this.

    See here


    I don't have the true facts of why but I am fairly sure its partly to do with it being the RM TRF but also because any army commandos would end up 2 daggers on the same arm.

    Back to the young soldiers programme, when they were in Chepstow, they were wearing it on the right, in the 'stan it was on the left, yes I am pedantic to notice such things

    Please don't confuse this with the commando qual badge seen here from the same set of pics

  15. According to Albertous junior and his mates there are alot of unhappy bunnies down at the del as the new dress code for MTP states that the 3 Bde TRF will be worn on the left arm, a RA TRF on the right and they will not be wearing the dettol badge anymore other than on No. 2s and when they can get away with it.