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Alright lads/lasses

I start basic next monday (29th) and me nan is on her last legs. Shes only got a couple of weeks to live. What I wanna know is that will I be allowed to come home for say 2 days for the funeral without bein back squadded etc?. If it meant that I would be sent back chances are I wont come back but my mum is worring etc about what everyone family wise will say if I dont show. I said that I would ask when I get there but I dont want them to say well we dont want you starting basic untill shes popped off if you get what i mean.
am gonna speak to an online careers officer on monday but they seem to be no use in most matters, and I dont want to mention it at my oath of alligance tuesday incase they say well we will postpone your start date.

sorry to waffel on

Any help or advice would be sound
I had a guy in my entry who was in a very similar positions to yours in 1997. He was away for a total of 2 days and didn't get backclassed.
you will only get time off if she is your next of kin as for backsquadding if you miss something important CFT/BPFA/EXERCISE you will be back squadded unless they can get you on with another troop.
Easy for me to say, I know, but don't sweat it. When you meet your Troop or Platoon NCOs/Offr mention it to one of them. Tp Sgt or Tp OC are probably your best bet, as they're best placed to know whether you will be able to be released. Much depends on the timing and how critical the elements are that you stand to miss.

Sadly, grandparents do not fall within the boundaries of the army's excellent compassionate leave travel scheme. (Unless they raised you as parents in loco-parentis due to your own parents being absent.) Only direct relatives fall within scope of the scheme (parents, siblings, children) and the army will move mountains to get a soldier repatriated to his relatives in time of impending death or subsequent bereavement.

I missed 2 days of my basic training (for a very different reason) and missed the lessons on how to dig a stage 3 trench. I wasn't backsquadded and I picked up the missing information later on. Part of the decision about whether you will be released will also depend on how well you get on in the early days of your training. If you're a bright, fit, enthusiastic guy who works hard and is perceived to be capable of catching-up you're more likely to be released.

Anyway, if they are prepared to release you but you miss something critical and have to be backsquadded, so what? In the big scheme of things it's no big deal compared to paying your respects during a family crisis.

Good Luck

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