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Alright lads

I know this is the wrong board but need a speedy responce and dunno where else to post it. Thing is I start basic next monday (29th) and me nan is on her last legs. Shes only got a couple of weeks to live. What I wanna know is that will I be allowed to come home for say 2 days for the funeral without bein back squadded etc?. If it meant that I would be sent back chances are I wont come back but my mum is worring etc about what everyone family wise will say if I dont show. I said that I would ask when I get there but I dont want them to say well we dont want you starting basic untill shes popped off if you get what i mean.
am gonna speak to an online careers officer on monday but they seem to be no use in most matters, and I dont want to mention it at my oath of alligance tuesday incase they say well we will postpone your start date.

sorry to waffel on

Any help or advice would be sound
I'm sorry to hear this as I lost mu nan recently and know what you are going through

Such a thing is not unheard of and I would be shocked if they backsquad you, joke is training is possibly the best time for this to happen as units can be a real pain about things during op or training for ops.

I have been witness to some pretty bad familly cock ups in my time, one guy getting married, booked up a year in advace, got warned for NI and the wedding fell in the training period. Took a lot of shouting to get off for a couple of days. The worse however was a guy on tour who kids were taken into care and they refused to send him home, the only reason they did was his multiple commander confronted the BC and said he refused to take him out on patrol as he was messed up in the head and a danger (that wasn't totally true but it got him home)

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