Bercow warned over Parliament bar bill

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Christ on a bike will these fcukers never learn!!

    Speaker John Bercow warned over Parliament bar bill

    "The Speaker of the House of Commons has been formally warned for failing to pay his parliamentary restaurant and bar bill, documents leaked to The Daily Telegraph have disclosed.

    John Bercow owed more than £600 for taxpayer-subsidised food and drink in the Palace of Westminster. He was sent two letters warning him that the money was due and was told that he might have his credit facilities within Parliament removed.

    The House of Commons has blocked the publication of information relating to MPs’ unpaid bar bills until after the election.

    The information was requested under the Freedom of Information Act last September, but the Commons would only disclose that last summer 329 MPs owed £138,046 between them."

    But I bet there will be a tidal wave of payments now!
  2. He'll just put it on expenses.

    God that place is a ceaapit of self serving vermin isnt it!!
  3. Lets hope UKIP use this to unseat the tosser in Buckinghamshire.
  4. Or some juicy Telegraph headlines starting on Sunday, running until Thursday - sure beats a free DVD.

    Edited to add - makes a mockery of me chasing an Officer down fro £8.50, I reckon there is real sense in getting Sodhexo to run Parliamentry catering.
  5. What a homo. Only 600 quid - cheapskate presbytarian.
  6. Didn't know much about him outside of parliament. Watched him on the news last night campaigning. Came across as an arrogant, obnoxious little tw*t.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Are you sure you haven't met him in the flesh? You describe him to a tee.
  8. His wife is a good shag though.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    600 quid - clearly the annoying little prick does not regularly get a round in......
  10. I saw that broadcast and agree .... I did not realise how vertically challenged he is .... he really needs a cushion to sit on when in The House .
  11. So, a natural successor to Gorbals Mick then?
  12. Did anyone notice the bit at the end about his missus?

    Wrong impression? Well a smack head is a smack head, simple as that.
  13. It does seem a shame that arrogance, ego and vanity has been unanimously accepted and adopted by all those in power regardless of their political persuasion. It seems to be the culture of 'democracy' in this country these days. No wonder there's going to be a hung parliament with all parties equally disliked. But that's for another thread!
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    So he is - you should see his responces when challenged on his inability to control the chamber.

    Why he is ever voted in beats me - maybe they are all like that where he comes from.

    Drag arrse good for nothing.
  15. Since 1965 it's been an unwritten rule that the speakers are from alternating parties, the governing and the main opposition, but that was broken on the election of the Useless Jock-one Martin upon the retirement of our Betty Boothroyd.

    It's was surprising that he actually receieved the 12 votes needed to be a candidate for the seat as he was arguably the most despised man in the Tory party (although three had to be from other parties).

    When the vote came down to it, the majority of the MP's Labour voted for the least 'best man' for the job over Sir George Young knowing that Bercow was useless and more importantly would get right up the noses of the Conservatives. Cameron's congratulatory speech to Bercow was the best through-gritted-teeth oration I've ever heard :lol:

    Bercow is a self-serving publicity whore. A one-time member of the right-of-right Monday Club, A couple of failed election's (Motherwell 1987; Bristol South 1992) and in 1996 having to fly (literally) between two different constituency selection meetings (Buckingham & Surrey Heath) to secure a safe seat. Rumours flounced about in 2007 that he was likely to defect to Labour and he smoozed up to several leading Labour party ministers, probably testing the water as his popularity in his own party was slowly going down the pan and his loyalty was thrown into doubt.

    So to summarise; An egotistic cunt.