Beowulf, it's saxons versus dinosaurs

On the Monster Talk Podcast YEC AND BEOWULF: It’s verse than you think
THERE ARE THOSE WHO BELIEVE the Earth is only about 6000 years old. They believe that the evidence for this is all in the Bible, but as we’ve discussed on MonsterTalk before, they still seek confirmatory evidence from other works. So it was only a matter of time before someone suggested that the epic poem Beowulf helps prove that (a) the earth is indeed very, very young and (b) that the monsters in the poem Beowulf were dinosaurs. Hard to believe? Tune in as we talk to skeptic and Humanities researcher Eve Siebert about the most surprising interpretation of this classic story you’re likely to hear.
Well if you believe in the absolute literal truth of The Bible why not another classic bit of poetry with lots of smiting.

The truth is outer wear!
The late greats take on the subject



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"Sceptic and humanities researcher"?

What the ****? Now that is a properly made up job.

TBH, that's abit unfair, they get proper academics on the show then get them to tear apart the ridiculous theories and drivel spouted by cryptozoologists, religious fundies, homeopaths etc.

In this case - she has a PhD in English specialising Old & Middle English - so Beowulf falls right into her area of expertise. She's a skeptic because she doesn't swallow delusional wibble and is prepared to dismantle such wibble with proper knowledge.

There's one show on "Bigfoot" and how someone is claiming to have discovered Bigfoot DNA, they get a world class Geneticist in and procede to destroy those claims - it's amusing and educational.
The concept is brilliant, if true it could quite easily open the floodgates for atheism as a whole (Books that when interpreted in certain way mean something else) Since watching Ancient Aliens I've surrendered to the theory that humans from the future have time traveled (Bear in mind the concept of time travel means atANY point in time past or present as long as someone has the technology then it could and probably would have happened)

Anyways if we apply the story of Beowulf to this theory and the theory that certain intellectual writings have been interpreted over time to become tales it could easily be time travelers looking for the dinosaur times.

This same theory can be applied to the bible but not as an interpretation. If you watch the ancient aliens theories many of the "points" they make have something to do with aliens from ANOTHER planet teaching us how to build the technology we have built today and how this comes up in ancient interpretive texts and designs but it's MUCH more likely humans came back and re-taught themselves these technologies and stories like "God destroying the mountain" which the bible tells could easily be done today with explosives (which could have been taken back).

If what i said doesn't make that much sense... just start watching this [video=youtube;DIOpEFvmal8][/video]
It seems that the septic academics don't have any experience of: trolls, boggarts, or sea trolls.

They should try a night out in Gateshead!
It seems that the septic academics don't have any experience of: trolls, boggarts, or sea trolls.

They should try a night out in Gateshead!
I had a night out in Durham on Saturday; it was quite an eye-opener.

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