Bentley Priory sold off for luxury flats

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by stickybomb, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. The mansion which housed Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain is to be developed for luxury homes. Clicky

    Way to go, Gus! It's about time those jumped up fighter pilots were taught the real value of things. All they've done for the past sixty-eight years is bore us all to death about some great big air battle. Well, it was high time that someone with a bit of business sense came along and got the nation's priorities sorted out.

    What this country really needs is more people like Gus to stand up and be heard. Think of the money we'd save on ETRs and Fig 11s for a start.

    Tosser. :x
  2. Stickybomb,

    Your sort of misty eyed sentimentalism sickens me. You cannot stand in the way of progress! Honestly, do you know how much that old navy yacht Victory is worth as fire lighters? :eek:
  3. You're right Chef, damn your blood!

    It's time I pulled myself together.

    I'm going to write a strong letter to my MP demanding the immediate creation of the Corps of Infantry.