Bent London brief jailed for £20m immigration scam


Corrupt lawyer jailed for sham marriage scam

Crown court report Thursday, February 21, 2013
6.00 AM

A CORRUPT lawyer from Brookmans Park who ran one of Britain’s biggest ever ‘brides to order’ scams has been jailed for 10 years.

Tevfick Souleiman, of George’s Wood Road, was told by an Old Bailey judge his £20m enterprise drove “a coach and horses through the immigration rules”.

Souleiman, 39, made millions of pounds by providing fake tenancy agreements and other false documents to support the marriage applications.

The father-of-two, who headed London law firm Souleiman GA, was found guilty of conspiring to breach immigration law and fraud.

Three other men, Zafer Altinbas, Cenk Guclu and Farruh Kosimov were also jailed for their part in the scam.

At an Old Bailey hearing on Monday, Judge John Bevan QC told them: “A heavy responsibility for upholding the rule of law rests with lawyers.

“If the public cannot trust the integrity of lawyers, who can they trust?

“Souleiman GA have betrayed that trust by driving a coach and horses through the immigration rules.”

Souleiman was jailed for ten years, while Guclu and Kosimov both received nine-year prison terms.

[ unfortunately Mr Kosimov has skipped bail and is currently unobtainable for comment in his native Uzbekistan....]

Altinbas, who used his windfall from the scam to buy a Bentley with personalised numberplates, received a sentence of six years and nine months because of his guilty plea.

The judge said the conspiracy would place a burden on UK taxpayers for years to come.

He added: “It represents an attack on the institution of marriage itself, treating it as a paper exercise involving two people who cannot understand a word the other is saying and meeting, for all intents and purposes, on their wedding day.”

Defending Souleiman, whose wife works for the Crime Prosecution Service, Mark Harries said his client had been left a “broken man”. (Huzza)

His firm is set to fold and he faces being struck off as a solicitor. (Huzza)

Souleiman and Guclu also admitted a £75,000 tax fraud, which involved paying wages to ‘phantom employees’ for seven years, after they were told they would receive no additional jail time.

Police began investigating the firm in 2009, and found it was charging up to £14,000 for each sham marriage.

After the hearing, Detective Superintendent Caroline Barker, from the Met Police Central Task Force said: “This firm was corrupt to the core; the individuals involved knowingly and fraudulently sought to get rich by setting up thousands of sham marriages so that people could stay in the UK illegally, and then going on to defraud HMRC by faking payments to non-existent employees.”
Although these gentlemen hail from the Turkish community those they came from all over mostly non-EU Eastern Yurp, including the joint heads of an Albanian mafia gang.

More here BBC News - Sham marriage mastermind jailed for 10 years

And in other news.....
RUSI - Turkey and UK: Towards a Reformed EU

As British and Turkish relations deepen and the UK remains committed to Turkish accession to EU, the time may have come for both countries to be a new force for reform within the European project.


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He'll serve 5 years at worst in a cushy open prison. £4m per year tax free?
The best thing I ever did was sack living in Britain. Why anyone would want to sneak in there is beyond me. There again, the free housing, medical, schooling, benefits and a country ran by fannies may have something to do with it.
Of course now the Border Agency will swing into action and kick out all those 'married couples'.

Breath not being held.
You don't have to be a bent Solicitor to make money out of immigration. There's tax payers money and private money being donated in bulk to immigration 'specialists'. Plenty of law firms having it as their primary work. Mrs Keith Vaz springs to mind iirc.
You don't have to be a bent Solicitor to make money out of immigration. There's tax payers money and private money being donated in bulk to immigration 'specialists'. Plenty of law firms having it as their primary work. Mrs Keith Vaz springs to mind iirc.
Well done on your rapid response to a post from feb 2013. That's nearly but not quite the record.
ScreenHunter_35 Aug. 14 09.30.jpg
Ha ha! As a half blind git with an eye appointment at hospital at noon today I take my kicking in good grace!

Has world War 2 finished yet? And are the Beatles going to release a second album?
Well back onto topic 18 Months ect ect....

Did plod/Border Agency get round to kicking the freeloaders out?
Anyone got any links?


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Don't be silly.
Most of the big London Human Rights and corporate law firms are as corrupt and bent as an 19 Pound Note.

No names, no pack drill, of course all is alleged!:eek::rolleyes:
I've noted in the depress today that UKBF is using "it's" boats to do what they have been doing since the inception of UKBA. Mind the one pictured in the Depress yesterday did look a bit sad. They must be about 30 years old by now and used to be called Cutters.

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