Bent Copper

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ark-angel, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. Read this

    Well give him a medal or shooy him.?
  2. Man´s a disgrace. He misused his position and lied to cover up his reasons (wierd amounts too, 89 grand why not a flat 90?)

    He is in the same league as that copper who sold an 89 year old mans address to a scum drug dealer, who passed it on to two scum. Result dead 90 yo, over a car parking space in Asda. One ex-copper who quit before he could be hammered.
  3. Nothing new, in South Wales there are 15 serving and ex coppers on bale for just one case, they perverted the course of justice to get a conviction in the murder of a local prostitue. the total number of coppers on bale or under investergation is kept very quiet, they normaly dont go to court iff the take earlyretirment and the amount of compo paid out by the police must be vast.
  4. Obviously, any real comment is ruled out by the latter day idea of what may or may not be said. So, I'll just post the name of the officer - PC Amerdeep Singh Johal
    I think I would be permitted to comment that racial diversity has much to answer for when it comes to current standards of police work.
  5. Jesus,that's a bit strong is it not? What the F uck has is race got to do with him being a bent copper? As far as I know,he hasn't played the race card.
  6. White coppers all all as pure as the driven snow, natch. That's why they are white, no doubt :roll:
  7. Whent for the cash to buy another shop for his uncle though didn't he...
  8. I would tend to agree there ORC, its been a bad week for the boys in blue with the Prosecution of the real Rachel Nickell murderer and the release of the woman who was jailed for the murder of a child!

    The Rachel Nickell murder case leaves large questions to be examined and answered at all levels within the justice system.
  9. There seems to be an avalanche of 'bent copper' cases lately(or at least those that reach the public domain).However being able to 'retire' before matters come to court is a device that helps to keep further cases out of court.Bliar of The Yard is a high profile example of this.

    The Police have lost it,as far as much of the public is concerned.However they are all we have got!
  10. I agree, as soon as I heard the names off our local corrupt coppers, Charles Fletcher and Phillip Parr I thought what more can you expect from white middle class blokes.

    Are you one of those 'I'm not racist, ........but' people?
  11. The mans race has nothing to do with it, there are bad apples in every ethnic persuasion. I served alongside Amerdeep, liked him and considered him a mate. Just goes to show you never really know whats going on in peoples minds............Everyone in work was shocked and disgusted by this actions once we'd seen the evidence against him and the feeling is very much that hes got off lightly with a 6 year custodial.
  12. Well done ORC, my wife is mixed race and,as TA, did a tour of Iraq with RMP. She's now joining RMP regs and I know now to closely monitor her policework as it'll either be crap or 'bent'. Thanks for the warning...
  13. ""He was also ordered to pay £32,000 in compensation""

    Bet I dont get a penny back though.......
  14. Why, are you one of the dealers or paedophiles he blackmailed?
  15. Wah