Bent copper stung for abusing DVLA database.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by johnnyutah, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Link Here
    Saw this in the times but their info was pretty bare compared to the local rag.
    I'm amazed that a copper gambled his career and pension for the sake of an argument over a supermarket car parking dispute.
    If a bent copper will hand over details from the Police national computer for such a trivial event then what hope is there for the safety of anyone else's identity?
    It's good to see the built in system safety mechanism working though, shame someone had to die first.
  2. It's not just the police who do this.For example Local Councils have access to the DVLA database,in order to issue parking ticket/fines by post!!!
  3. He didn't gamble his pension - he knew full well he wouldn't lose it if he was caught - they never do.

  4. From what I know about the PNC I'm fairly happy with it's safety measures that were built in from it's initial design to make abuse easily detectable.
    I'm not happy at the thought of all these school leavers and scrotes at the DVLA and District Councils and any old company having access though because I doubt very much their safety measures and auditing are as thorough as the police.
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  5. Has the plod been charged with a Criminal Offence - and if not, WHY?! 8O

    Loved the comment from his hoore of a mother: "Why won't these people just leave him alone?"

    Because he abused his position, betrayed the trust of both the public and his brother officers and helped cause a man's death. THAT'S why, you stupid, ugly CNUT. :evil:
  6. PC Smith should be stripped of all Police attributes, dragged in to the market square stripped off his uniform and dragged around the town naked.

    He should lose his pension and any perks he may have from being a copper.

    He should be banged up for 20 years minimum.... in General Population.


    Because he betrayed the trust of his position. And his actions led to the death on another.

    What did he get out of the deal? Or did he just hand over the address for nothing?

    His mucker (phillips) was also charged with holding £120 of drugs. My what a good bunch of friends this PC Smith seems to have.

    I'd suggest a much more thorough investigation in to his affiars.

    Does it balls, it says "fcuk up, resign and keep your pension".
  7. Couldn't agree with you more WW, he's broken, at the minimum, data protection laws but I would think misconduct in a public office as a minimum charge would be appropriate (though aiding and abetting more like it) but I dont trhe Cant Prosecute Service will touch it.

    His mam sounds like almost every criminals (which is what he is) mother that I've spoken to.

    What a cnut. :x

    (edited for sore typing finger. Begsbie, if you're reading this, you know what i'm on about)
  8. I'd be willing to bet that most REAL coppers would be happy to see this guy go away for a long time; he has betrayed them as well as the public trust.

    But I have no doubt you are correct; the Criminal Protection Service won't touch it. :x
  9. Why are the Armed Forces treated differently than the police?
    Have things changed yet in relation to the 'Forces? in the past if this copper was in the army he would be unable to "resign" as he would be awaiting a charge. He would probably be hauled in front of a courts marshal and be kicked out without his pension even if he had served over the 22 year point. It happens time and time again that bent of grossly incompetent members of the police and other bodies can resign and walk away Scott free with their pension in the bank. The woman who was in charge of the MRSA ridden Hospital in Kent was given a preview of the damming report before it was published. She then resigned before she could be investigated by her employers and then was in line for a large pay off. Although hundreds of patients died, no one has yet has been charged. The names of Dr and Mrs Shipman come to mind. Although he was found guilty of of dozens of murders, his pension was not withdrawn. Am I missing something or are the lunatics really running the asylum. At the last count, £181 200 000 has so far been spent on the "Bloody Sunday" Inquiry (AKA as the Saville Inquiry). I note that Zoe Forbes, the wife of one of the convicted men and the one who had the argument about the parking space appears not to have been charged with anything although she knew in advance that her hubby had plans to exact revenge on her behalf. Rant over for the time being
  10. Where was the comment from his mum? Is tha tin the Times?

    The man should be horsewhipped.

    Every hour he should be made to shout out "I am not worthy of the uniform I descrated, and unworthy of the public trust placed in me".
    Where upon all around him can hit him. for up to 59 minutes.

    I'd like to see how swaggering the Forbes (step) brothers are, if they were confronted by a person who could stand up to them and fight back. Fcuking cowards.

    What shall we do bro, shall we go around and have a word with him? Nah, bro, we'll throw a brick through his window.

    Fcuking scum

    And that wife of theres should be banged up too for vexing me if nothing else.
  11. Dont see why he should lose his pension, after all he paid for it!

    But I'm surprised criminal charges weren't brought, Data Protection, computer misuse act, misconduct?
  12. And an inncoent man paid with his life because this man betrayed the trust placed in him by both the public and his brother officers. Therefor, IMHO, he should lose both his pension and his freedom.

    Might as well say we should'nt take houses, cars etc from drug-dealers because they paid for them!
  13. At the very least he should be prosecuted as an accomplice to the crime.
  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I know of a case in the 80s where a WO2 was kept in for about a year over his 22 awaiting court martial. He spent nearly all the time at home & had a civilian job. He was found guilty given a fine & bust to Pte & discharged.
    Although he was discharged as a Pte he received his pension as a WO2 as he had held the rank for two years out of the previous five.
    It is a myth that a pension can be taken away once it has been earned/paid for .

    I processed his discharge.
  15. Spot on, Werewolf. His crime is that he betrayed the hefty trust placed on him. The fact he was a rozzer for so long shows that he would have carried out this act in full knowledge of this fact.

    And he seems to have some very dodgy "mates" and aqquaintances.

    Take his pension, give it to the family of the dead man as compensation.