Bennys/Stills to grow their own food?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. I thought they already did,it's got 4 legs and a wooly coat,mind you they could always p-p-pick up a penguin!;-)
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  2. Baaaaah! It will never catch on.
  3. they enough mutton and potatoes to last them for ever, itll be room temperature budweiser and fosters theyll run out of in the "socials" before anything else.
  4. Off topic I know, but do you really drink Fosters over there (snigger)? That dog piss is Oz's biggest stitch up ever.
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  5. The falklands dont really have variety when it comes to beer, and its the Aussie shearers that ask for it to be imported anyway.
  6. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    should be doable but I would spend a bit more and set up a proper system with wind powered heating or ground source pumps.

    do it right and they would make a small fortune supplying mpa and the ships which call in - do it wrong and it would end up like the irish banana.
  7. That's amazing I've never seen anyone drink it here. Must be desperate.
  8. Mmmmhhh! My favourite, hot clods of turf garnished with runny penguin shite............
  9. they wont be self sustaining for power, FIPAS put such a massive import duty on Wind generator parts its unfeasible to import them, instead everyone buys their electricity from the desiel powered generator at the back of Stanley (owned by FIPAS) who also charge duty on the fuel.

    (As a private company I appreciate they arent really setting the import duties, but as the sole owners of the only deppwater quayside in the Islands, anything that gets imported crosses their threshold and they own the warehousing prior to collection. - Absolute rip off! (owned by Coleman in the UK)
  10. It will be a cluster - i seem to remember a fish farm idea - on an island surrounded by fish and with rivers full of the slimy ******* things, it occured to some Min of Ag guru that the island needed a freshwater fish farm, it being quite economical to ship fishfood half way around the world and then ship the trout all the way back again to an island which exports them anyway.

    They built it in Fox bay as I remember it...........the only place in the Falklands with a recurring water shortage problem.......
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  11. I have it on good authority that the bloke in charge of the programme has quit that particular job... he's now working in MoD Procurement.
  12. On a par with that sheep dip called XXXX [4X] ... Was it not XXXX brewer who made a mint selling that chemical crap to the Yanks when they arrived in Queensland during the war? VB is the only half decent Aussie brew and comes in on a scale of 1 out of 10 compared with real ale. It's so bad, I have to drink vino when visiting my family in Brisbane, Gympie and all points north.
    ...................... anyway back on thread ............ no reason not to grow their own given the advances in agriculture over the last few decades.
  13. They had a fair old variety when I was last down there (2009-2010)
  14. Outside of stanley it was 24 bottles in a cardboard box, and the brand depended on how long i had been since someone lasst restocked. I spent far too long round benny's for my sins.