Benifits plan to make work pay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. Benifits plan to make work pay, and then in the next breath 2.47 million unemployed, the BBC realy should have a think about what they put on the news, So how do you make work pay then, answers on a postcard to no 10
  2. With so many unemployed then now it is more vital than ever to sort out benefits so that when work opportunities do open up there will be applicants for those jobs rather than loads of people deciding they're better off on the dole.
    IDS was on Breakfast TV this morning talking about having two benefits that cover all eventualities although he didn't flesh his theories out that much.
  3. Have 'em digging ditches and clearing the shit off the streets or picking fruit and veg on the farms (who are crying out for labour). I wonder how many will suddenly find employment elsewhere.
  4. Yaaaaaaawn!!!. Its all been said before and still no party has ad the guts to put an end to benefit scrounging and fraudulent claims, nothing will happen, it,s all p**s and wind.
  5. A little more gen on the proposals here.Clicky
  6. Agreed that the country must do something drastic, removing the factor that some people are better off on benefits than working is by far the biggest factor.
    However this plan is to send £3billion on it, thats a shedload of money that has to come from somewhere. Are the Conservatives going to continue with Brown's masterplan of keeping pople dependant on the state instead of allowing them o keep the rewards of their hard graft?
    This plan appears to be a continuation of the tax credit type system where hard working people who make an effort to better their lot are penalised to subsidise those who don't work quite so hard at it.

    What is the difference between this idea and the current tax credit type system?
    Genuine question.
    I want to know why I should flog my pan in to subsidise my co-worker with four kids who can only be arsed to work 30 hours a week?
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You're right, Labour haven't done anything radical in their existence, OK maybe Bevan and the NHS, but nothing else. They won't do anything here either.
  8. Conservative benefit plans
    Its a step in the right direction as the benefits system needs a radical overhaul.
    There are quite a few jobs out there but I`ve noticed a large percentage of them are around 24-29 hours in this area. Unfortunately if you`re married and got no kids at home you can`t claim working tax credits unless you work at least 30 hours. Being as most of these jobs are around minimum wage then anyone who takes one on is probably going to be worse off, especially when you factor in transport to and from the place of work.
    Ian Duncan Smith has hit the nail on the head when he stated that people on less than 15k a year are sometimes better off on benefits.
  9. In my area they have people collecting food and cloths for the people who have been screwed by New Labour, to be told that your are a Benifits bum after loosing you job because of our loony government is a bit insulting

    Ed Milliband has just said there will be loads of work in the wind power industry, but the only company making them in this country closed last month
  10. I remember the old enterprise scheme which the Tories had in the `80s, Raise a grand and you get £40 a week to run your own business.
    They need to do something like this at the moment rather than pay £1500 to job finding companies for getting someone off the dole. I`d rather see the government give that to someone to start up on their own. Because the £40 could be classed as benefits the applicant could also claim housing benefit to help them through the initial stages.
    If jobcentres` had a dedicated experienced business advisor who could run through all the intricacies and help write up a business plan, and offer ongoing support all the better, in fact the advisor could be supplied by the local bank seeing as the taxpayer has bailed them out recently.
    This situation would be far better than the stagnant state which quite a few unemployed find themselves slipping into and at least might offer some hope and motivation.
  11. Nobody watched Dispatches last night?
  12. I to used to be disgusted with the jobless until I became jobless myself.
    Applying for the worst of jobs and getting nowhere. You expect the jobcentre to try in some way to help you get back into work but they do sod all, I'm sure before I became unemployed there was this big thing about getting people retrained but all the do is FLT licences.
    I know there are alot of idle spongers out there but personally I can't see how they want to live on such a small amount of money, I can't.
  13. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why not insist (as governments can) that all employers pay a living wage and therefore make dependence on benefits unnecessary.

    If you accept that benefits are the base line (A debate in itself) then no one should go to work for less than this. What has changed is peoples expectances and the baseline is not what it was in the 60/70s (is this such a bad thing could you go back to just a TV and radiogram and shopping every day?).

    There is a perception that through sheer hard work people can lift them selves up the ladder this is true to a degree but millions within the UK are not and never will be equipped to climb much above the base level.

    In essence a fair days pay for a fair days work by the employer not the Government.

    I await incoming.

    Keep the red flag flying dum de dum dum dum
  14. No.