Benghazi Consulate security team requests for more help denied by current Masters


Unfortunately JJH, the only people who will 'pay' for this outrageous cock up already have.
Unfortunately JJH, the only people who will 'pay' for this outrageous cock up already have.
And they will be forgotten as quickly as possible lest their MURDERS cause any untoward inconvenience for our Masters.
Let me guess?

President Obama has direct control over every facet of US State Department operations?
You guess wrong as so many ARRSERs do who assume far too much in terms of "knowing" me. I think Hilary is the responsible official and the He should have already asked for her resignation. In that since yes indeed He is responsible.

I find your apparently partisan assumption rather tawdry under the circumstances of the needless brutal murders of 4 of my countrymen.. In case you missed it, I try to view the delicts of our politicians with a broader perspective than base partisan concerns and am on record as having been critical of many of both parties, including even the mighty Reagan who I hold responsible as Commander in Chief for the nearly 300 Marines, sailors and soldiers sacrificed in Beirut in 1983. I hold Clinton responsible for the horrific deaths of US SF operators and air crew in Mogadishu for the failure to reinforce the force as requested by the on-scene commander.

Similarly, had the 4 murdered in Benghazi been serving military I would have also hold Him responsible.

I am of the old school that a commander is (ultimately) responsible for EVERYTHING your subordinates do or fail to do.
So all the ills of the world are solely the fault of the Democrats?

At least you're consistent in your obsession.
Erm, no. See there, you did it again..perhaps reading my reply again will help.
Heh, nothing wrong with being the bloke who can get blow jobs on the job. ;P
I had a higher opinion of you. What a hideous visual for either of the happy couple in flagrante delicto.

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