The dance,

or the burner?

If the burner, does anyone claim to using one in the same country as the town from which it is named?


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tankie88 said:
The burner
Yes - 1968 before Gahdafi took over.
On exercise just outside El Adam - St Barbara's was the name of the camp I think (camp - 10 acres of feck all but solid stone desert)
Was that the dustbin+TOW missile tube water heater?
Benghazi 1967. 3rd Bn East Anglians (later RAnglian) were resident in D'Aosta Barracks 5th Skins were stationed out by the airport. King Idris ruled, Ghaddafi lurked in the shadows. A company from my Bn were on field firing exercise great time had by all, especially the R&R in Malta! Got a kick seeing the old 8th Army grafitti on the walls of houses on the road from Benghazi to Agedabia, one in particular springs to mind "You wont laugh when Jerry strafes!"


Sorry guys, but the dustbin/TOW tube isn't the real Benghazi Burner.

"Troops on the move often cooked food and brewed tea on a makeshift stove dubbed the 'Benghazi Burner.' This was basically half a tin filled with sand soaked in petrol and set alight." 21/creteegypt/standegypt06.htm
I impressed the fcuk out of some civvy friends last summer at the beach by making a Benghazi cooker! Some knobber watched the initial flare up and said "How are you going to cook on that!!" Oh how he ate his words half an hour later....
Having once done the biscuit tin and sand thang in extremis I assume this is the origin of the expression Brewing Up since it reminded me exactly of burning Sherman tanks. :?
Yeh I remember....Tankie 88 take one to St Agnes Steam bird will be dead chuffed with some hot water to wash her **** with, she will be down to see you as she has a D10 reel that I found on the Plain for Frank!
hi trelawney....that must be u ...u gunnery stiff(Mr Williams) u go to the wegimental reunion?? I couldn't make it this year.
bengazzi awesome bit of kit in the right hands lethal if u havent listened how to light it properly and you get dicked to light it ,the resulting flash was seen and heard all over sailsbury plain, still trying to grow my eyebrows back
i knew a bloke (QRL) who was told on exercise, to fill the bengazi up and light it. He did as he was told and filled the entire thing up with petrol, only the lad on stag stopped him from turning himself in to the human torch. trhat vepisode never left him and was always good for when he was getting to big for his boots.
A picture says a thousand words only this a map of Hell-Adam


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