Bengal Rocket Troop Photo album 1933-35 52nd Field Battery RA


Hi -
I have a massive photographic collection that I've decided to dispose of and I'm trying to make sure that most of it goes to genuinely interested parties.
I have an album that seems to record the Battery in Quetta Nov- 1933 and Hyderabad Sid Mar - 1935
There are about 180 black and white photos of troops in action/training, a downed aircraft, destroyed buildings, life in the barracks, dancing bear, moneky, etc... and the local landscapes.

My Dad's cousin Major 'Jock' Lindsay was out in the region in the 1950s.

Any budding historians here?
Or let me know if you can think of a potential custodian.
I'd be looking for a modest fee but not still money.
Kind Regards
The only way that you're likely to turn a coin on these items is through a specialist Militaria site or auction house. The issue with auction houses is that the seller's premium they will charge can really take the shine off the final hammer price.

As a donation, there's either the RA 'Firepower' museum at Larkhill - Home - The Royal Artillery Museum - however, it will be some years before that's anywhere near to opening it's doors after the move from Woolwich.

Failing that, you could always have a chat with the IWM - Imperial War Museums - though, again, it's unlikely that they will ever see the light of day as an exhibition.

Good luck, though!


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...wot 40C sed....and if the IWM turn their nose up, the National Army Museum might be interested.

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