Benelli Tornado

I'm thinking of investing in a Benelli Tornado, just because I like the look of them. Anyone got any experience of them?


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usual rattly italian bike with dodgy electrics and very expensive spares. if you get one strip it down and spray it repeatedly with a wax or similar
Alleged to handle nicely but can be uncomfortable, and with a raspy engine. Still, at £5999 OTR for the Tornado Tre 903 it could be worth a punt for a weekend toy. Just be aware that it will eventually turn into a money pit.

No, I don't have one.
Very nearly bought one a few years ago, was put off when the salesman wouldn't let it idle without the clutch being held in. Apparently they had a habit of dropping themselves into gear and launching themselves across the workshop at the dealers.

Damned pretty though


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