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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_REME, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. I am a little lost and would like someone to help me out.

    I keep hearing how these economic migrants are benefiting our econmy, well I have done a little digging (very little I know) and am wondering how much it costs in tax or how much they contribute in tax.

    So lets say that they are on low wages, say £5 PH (this after all is what they are here for is it not? the low paid jobs we dont want to do)

    This is around £10200 per annum.

    According to this tax calculator:-

    Tax paid

    They will pay £1,445.46 in tax.

    But according to this calculator:-


    They will recieve £6928, if they have 3 children (lets face it they will ALL have at least 3 when they know that they can get paid for them and do not have to show any proof).

    By my reckoning thats £5482.54 they WE pay THEM to work here.

    Is there something wrong with my mathematics?
  2. My cousin the benefits officer is on holiday this week - I will ask her in a weeks time (if I remember) if EU migrants can claim tax credits.
  3. Ah but mate, you are assuming that we all get paid to the real value of our work and its benefit to the economy. I don't pretend to know the answer to your question but it's more complicated than tax in - tax out.
  4. I was inder the impression that most immigrants are young single men with no dependants.

    I thought the minimum wage was well over £5 these days.

    and lastly, you're assuming these people are only working 38 hours a week.

    So how much does the single (bloke lives there but not 'officially')british born and bred bird with 5 kids at number 49 get then?
  5. i believe that your right Ex-REME and how can we blame them for coming when they will get child benefit and tax credits paid here and in some cases also be paid by there own state the polish government for one are not happy that they claim benefits in there own country while working in ours.

    The thing to mind here that this is our government once more acting on EU law? When it need not! The EU is not one great evil but neither is it a great good, in its present form.

    Cheap labour is cheap labour regardless of if it is British workers or foreign workers.

    My personal gripe is! The government tells us industry need cheap migrant workers, and then ends up subcididing these labour costs. i for one think if that is to be the case then we should not be importing this so called!Important to industry! Cheap labour!
  6. Just think of all the new genes. Some of them Polish birds are quite fit!


  7. Yes, but they are money grabbing b*astards, who think that we owe them a favour just because they look beautiful!!

    Thes cnuts should be sent back to where they came from!!
  8. Well we DID once upon a time invite the entire empire to come live with us ya ken...

    Which is why we might be tag teaming with South Africa down in Rhodesia after all, despite the Euro-Lefties squealing like wabbits caught in headlights & about to be run over by a 4-Tonner:

    Nay say, and expect "Doc Rob Nutjob (tm)" to start laying on extradition flights to Heathrow for his entire population all by himself:

    What colour to paint the wagons? It's skimming in and out all your mellons... admit it ;)
  9. P.S.

    Don't fear the Eastie Beasties.

    They belong to US.
  10. Who the hell is Ken?

    Ahhh, he's a Jock!!!
  11. Tha's right ma lovely boy. Stand Too!! ;)

    "Empires Last Sunset" (do the google)

    First Sunrise?

    We'll see....
  12. EX_REME wrote:

    The counter-arguments for the various government smokescreens are on here

    Can't be arrsed linking the specific pages cos the real reasons are 1) the ground level PC left believe in diversity like it's a religion and 2) the top bods want to import more labour voters.
  13. What about those that come over and go straight on housing benefit and start selling the Big Issue? How exactly are they benefiting the economy. Oh and I'm not just making this up. At home we have had the same speshul chappie standing on a corner for years selling the Big Issue, there are now 3 economic immigrants also selling the Big Issue. They stand one on either side of him at a distance approx 30 foot from him and one on the other side of the street. He has on occassion not been able to stand on the corner he has stood on for years because one of them is there. So he has moved to another location.Only to find himself again with one either side at the usual distance. I have asked each of these individuals how long they have been in the country. Replies were along the lines of 'no english, no understand'. To clarify the situation i then asked, do you speak english. No is the resounding reply. So not only are they claiming benefits, someone is actually assisting them to access said benefits by acting as interpretor for them. They are then further assisted by all benefit forms being available in their language. Surely having these forms printed in so many other languages is also a drain on the economy. On top of this these people are immediately entitled to NHS care without having to pay into it. Is this not yet another drain on the economy.
    I have absolutely no issue with people who wish to come here and work and pay their way but I do object to those who arrive and immediately get benefits etc. My personal opinion is to introduce measures to ensure that immigrants have to pay NI and Tax for a set number of years before they are eligible to draw out of the pot. This way economic immigrants may just benefit the economy.
  14. Here Here!!
  15. EU immigrants aren't entitled to any benefits until they've paid NI for 12 months.

    Are you sure you're not? The homeless sell the Big Issue. The homeless don't receive housing benefit.