Benefits on being called up

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 14, 2004.

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  1. Don't think we've covered this before but what can we get?
    I've heard about some training credits available to regs, can we get the same?
    My OC has advised me to take out a pension for my time on Telic 5, anyone know of scams?
  2. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    if your a ex reg which i believe you are then a month is worth 2 months on your army pension so a 6 month tour is a whole year on your pension
  3. No I'm not, OC's an ex-pensions adviser and reckons taking out a compnay pension will make me dosh.
  4. There are no scams and I hope you were joking, otherwise vyou are a K**B. If you are on FTRS you are eligible to receive a peinsion afeter serving an accumulated 2 years service.

    Talk to your RAO, read the TACOS for FTRS or S type.
  5. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    It's not going to be FTRS as there are no Full Commitment types on offer and he says he's being called up, so it's mobilised service. Sounds like your OC is talking pish, you can't get Army pension for six month tour, what's he thinking of?

    No scams but, you get £420 tax free for being mobilised and at the end of your six month tour you get annual leave and post op tour leave, comes to about two months paid leave.

    You might also get two weeks pre-tour leave if you're lucky, and then there's two weeks R&R sometime during tour. Don't ask for an early R&R when you get to your unit, try and get it about the middle of your tour.

    Remember you will also get 13% X-factor in your pay as well instead of 5% just now. You will also get LSSA, (if you have collected last two bounties I think) which is an extra £5.56 a day whilst in theatre.

    You will also get a nice shiny thing to pin on your chest (eventually), just don't hold your breath waiting on it.

    Try and get all your out of camp training days in before you go (12) and you'll qualify for next years bounty as well. Don't worry about ITD's as Chillwell counts as having done them and annual camp.
  6. Being advised to take out a pension as the army would pay into it makes me a K&^B?

    Or trying to ensure my family are looked after/provided for while I'm away does?
  7. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    I think it was the way you put it "anyone know of scams" which gave the wrong impression....

    I am TA and have taken out a stakeholder pension - originally intended for people in jobs paying less than £30,000 a year with no occupational scheme - which of course the TA is. Because I am a higher rate tax payer in my day job I get 40% tax relief on contributions which is nice :D

    Problem for you is that no-one will touch you with a bargepole now you've had call-up papers. Most of these policies come with life insurance and I was specifically asked if I had received call-up papers when I applied for mine.

    Sorry, I think you just better check your existing life insurance benefits and the like. :(

    Oh yeah and good luck out there.

  8. thanks scary

    As per the title of the thread I'm interested to find out if their are things I can get out of being called up, such as the educational thingy I've heard about for regulars. (Wouldn't mind someone paying for MCDBA exams ).

    I'm not bothered about cash as I believe I'd be ok if mobilised, I'm down as a reserve probably to expensive to mobilise SNCO's (Sigs etc first)
  9. I have seen something recently on the Reserve Forces Pension Scheme. I may be wrong but this could be what you are looking for, if it is in existence yet! I am fairly sure however that whether your call up is FTRS or S type you should still be offered the "FTRS" pension which only kicks in after 2 years and can be built up with several 6 months tours. RTMC should be able to advise.
  10. Polar, they still call up SNCO, but as it is Pte to Cpl the Regular Army is short of in most Corps, they will obviously call them first.
  11. More so now that we can't produce Siggies as fast as we used to be able to. The changes to recruit training, (extra weekends after recruits course), has meant that my unit hasn't had a trained siggie for over a year, byt thats also down to bad planning.
  12. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    It's not FTRS or 'S' type engagement, it's mobilisation. The three things are completely different.

    Limited amount of FTRS (HC) on offer. NO LC or FC on offer.

    'S' type engagement is joining regs on fixed contract with possibilty of extending.

    Mobilisation, call out under RFA 96.
  13. Kel, read the first sentence of your quote. Irrespective of the type of call up, to be mobilised you have to be part of the Reserve Forces, therefore the pension scheme should apply (if its in existence yet!).
  14. As far as I can make out I not eligable for any pension from the Army, you need to have done 2 years full times service of some type.

    I'm intending to take out critcial injury and life insurance, anyone have any recomendations (I've been looking at the Naafi schemes). I'm assuming RMTC will be fully of the relevant salespersons. I'll do it sooner if I get a chance.

    Been changing most of my finances over to web based ones, as I presume I'll be able to get onto the web in theatre (and other locations on the way there).
  15. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Have a look at this lot they'll do your kit insurance as well and a lot cheaper than PAX that will be offered you at RTMC. If you want to wait till you get to RTMC and see what the costs are of what you're offered there you can still 'phone up Affinitas and get cover sorted on the 'phone with your credit/debit card.

    Remember to claim back the cost your unaccompanied baggage (MFO box) insurance, and you get it both ways. So see your RAO when you get to your unit in theatre and when you finish your tour get it coming back the way at RTMC. This will be paid in cash, and when in theatre it's paid in whatever currency you're using, so it'll be US Dollars. Doesn't matter how much you pay for insurance it's set at a fixed rate, so if you pay less for insurance than what the Army give you you're quids in. Think I ended up about £40 better off, and your kits insured for a year, happy days. You will need original docs of insurance and unaccomanied baggage to prove to RAO you have got it (insurance) and you're entitled to it .